Teazers: No gender testing needed


 Teazers, a local strip club here is South Africa have just released this barnstormer of a billboard showing a naked lady with the tagline “No need for Gender Testing !”. This blatantly refers to the recent gender testing saga of SA athlete Caster Semenya after she [he] won an 800m race in a time deemed too fast for a girl.

Obviously there has been a compliant but Teasers owner Lolly Jackson ( a famously outspoken man) has fired back with the following ROTFL comments, trust me read them if you want a good laugh for the day:

"The (Semenya) gender test was the furthest thing from my mind when we did the advert.
"If it is construed in another way, maybe it should be that I am directing it at Leonard Chuene – that I am honest, I do not lie when I put my billboards up there," “I’m tired of women complaining about my ads – the women who complain about boobs in advertising are the ones who don’t have them.”

"I do not want anyone coming here (to Teazers) with the idea that we do not have women. We have women, 100 percent women here. I did a test on them, I am a professional and they are 100 percent wo-men," he said, laughing.

"Some religious freak complained, only a religious fool would complain about that. Maybe the woman who complained should lose a bit of weight and her husband will then stop looking at the Teazers billboard, maybe she is fat and ugly. I don’t give a shit about her moral issues.
"I am sick and tired of bloody women who have nothing to do but look at Teazers billboards and complain. There are a lot more serious things that are happening in the country like corruption, crime and all that than complain about a billboard," Jackson said. "It is a nice advert and the woman is a wonderful specimen of a lady. I wish there were a lot more in Sandton looking like her".

Classic, I want to hear more from that man. PR people let that be a lesson to you on how to reply to negativity.

Big thanks to AdFreak for the heads up.


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