Glacéau Vitamin Water Launch

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On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to a great night out for the Launch of Glacéau VitaminWater in Cape Town. The brand has been one of the most successful new drink brands to be launched in the last 7 years (Its the top enhanced water brand in the USA) and its great to finally have it in South Africa.

The range comes in 6 guises namely Power-C, Essential, Energy, Super-V, Revive and xxx. The drinks are made from reversed osmosis water and have been infused with vitamin goodness, with each one possessing different key vitamins and fruit flavours (Also no artificial flavours and low cal)

I have tried the brand before many times and what I most like about them is that to me they all taste good and fresh with a pleasant aftertaste unlike a lot of flavoured water, and I must admit I do feel a bit of a good natural energy boost after drinking them.

The brand is also pretty famous for having US Rapper 50 cent as a shareholder in the brand, who initially helped to endorse the product (in return for Shares) by several ways including the great short ad shown below.

VitaminWater should be in stores nationwide in the coming weeks so keep a look out and give it a go.



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