Antarctica Beer: The Beer Turnstile

More great work from AlmapBBDO, Brazil for Antarctica Beer. During the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, they developed a Beer Turnstile. The turnstile encouraged people to take the train rather that drink drive after the carnival, all people needed for a free train ride was an empty Antarctica beer can. Via optical reading, the can was scanned and the subway turnstile opened for free. They even donated the cans to a can recycling NGO.


Adman at Ogilvy

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  1. May be it’s already a famous news, but before winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, at some subway stations of Moscow metro a new inverntion was introduced. People could get 1 ticket to subway train by making 30 squats opposite a spacial machine. You make 30 squats, take your ticket and go through a turnstile. Brilliant, isn’t it?

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