Omega Watches: Co-Axial World

Omega Watch co-axial world
If you want a great example of brilliantly crafted animation and music for an ad, here is one for Omega watches by HMNS, Milan.

Music: “Smiling” by Harry Gregson-Williams


Adman at Ogilvy


  1. We love this lovely music. Is it the music from a movie? it’s good to have something so beautiful and calming after the terrorizing events of this past week.

  2. Yeah quite right,the music is just great.And if you want it its from:“Smiling” by Harry Gregson-Williams

  3. It is a beautiful music, somehow it reminds me of the Shire in the Lord of the Rings

    • Exactly my thought — it is very like the Shire theme from “Lord of the Rings”. I don’t know if the same person wrote both pieces of music, or if there was “influence” or plagiarism at work.

      • It’s derivative of Howard Shore’s memorable theme written for the Shire in The Lord of the Rings. Not certain when Gregson-Williams wrote this theme, but Shore composed his music many years before the “Man on Fire” film came out. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if it isn’t plagiarism in one direction or the other, it’s pretty darn close.

  4. I have watched this commercial for two months and I still come from another room or stop whatever I’m doing to look at it again, because it is so compelling and beatiful to watch. Absolutely stunning.

  5. It’s a song from the movie “Man on Fire.” I can find the CD from the movie
    and the song “Smiling” on the CD. The song can be purchased in euros out side the US, but I haven’t found it for sale on iTunes. I”ll keep looking.

  6. The music is from lord of the rings any composer climbing it as his/her own work is a thief.

  7. A Classic. If artists can create such brilliant and beautiful work like this it gives me hope that we can find our way to ending so much that is wrong in our world. A beautiful work from the score to the animation to the script and voice over. If I could afford it I’d wear an Omega.

  8. The music sounds familiar. Similar to music from a movie. Can’t remember which one. Does anybody know?

  9. The best ad I have ever viewed. I was watching the PGA with my 4 year old son, he was mesmerized, Cool integration of underwater and space exploration, yachting, James Bond, and Olympic timing heritage. I actually felt proud to own 2 Omega watches.

  10. This music is absolutely stunning. I’ve never cared enough to look up anything regarding a commercial before, but this is just breathtaking.

  11. Sounds just like music from the lord of the rings. did they think it wasn’t obvious????

  12. This Omega commercial is thee most beautiful one that I have ever witnessed…It is profoundly breathtaking….I have never commented much on the internet but this cannot go unsaid……Thank you for giving me the gift of
    seeing and feeling a world of paradise.

  13. Such a gorgeous, memorable commercial. I hope the person responsible for it won every award in the industry. Perfection

  14. The music moves me and touches my spirit and heart in ways that I cannot comprehend. I stop whatever I am doing and pay attention to it and never tire of the beauty of the music and the images. Sometimes my eyes fill with tears as I listen and watch how the music envelops the images.

    • Beautifully said. Thanks
      This music, and the effect which you describe, is also evoked in “Ashoken Farewell” by Jay Unger as featured in Ken Burns’ “Civil War” and also by the theme music to PBS’s American Experience shows.”

  15. I too, have never cared enough about a song in a commercial to bother looking it up. What a masterpiece!! I would like to see how they could ever try to top that. I think it will endure the ages.

  16. Thank you for posting this masterpiece without commercials in 3D as it was meant to be experienced in. All is well with this world if this type of excellence is humanly possible.

  17. Magnificent music! So relaxing and touching. I too HAD to look up the composer. Never did that before! What a talented man.

  18. The theme of “The Shire” in the Lord of the Rings motion picture series is shamelessly used here as the “OMEGA Co-Axial” theme song. Fascinating…

    • It’s not the theme of “The Shire” at all. Don’t let the similar choice of instruments fool you.

  19. Agree with the others. Such a ‘feeling’ tune that stirs emotions . I too feel if this type music is still written/ performed that we still have hope in this everchanging world of war and hatred.

  20. Smiling by Harry Gregson-Williams (omega spot), Shire soundtrack (lord of the rings), Gustav Holst – Jupiter (part second) are the same.
    I’am listening them right now.

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