Infographic: Cellphone Usage + SA Mobile Stats

Another great Infographic below, this time for cellphone usage. Although the stats are from the USA its still pretty impressive to read some of the stats, I particularly love the way calling has become a massively declining feature. Below I have listed for you some of the interesting stats on cellphone use in South Africa:Via onlineitdegree

  • SA is ranked 5th in World for mobile data usage (1st is Russia, 7th is USA!)
  • 30% of mobile users in SA are active on facebook via their phones (200 million globally)
  • 50% of SA facebook users access it via mobile
  • In 2009 there were 2.8 billion please call me’s (USSD)
  • There are more mobile phones in SA than Taxis+TV’s+Radios combined
  • More active sim cards than citizens (Different operators sim cards are used at different times of the day depending on call/text/data cost)
  • Mxit gets 40,000 new users per day globally
  • 3 tiers of mobile internet access locally (approx figures): 3 mill have full web access, 11 mill through apps (Mxit, email etc), 13 mill through WAP



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  1. chris – nice post.

    one thing, that SA stat, where did you get it from? I am struggling to get my head around it… is it 5th biggest consumer of mobile broadband per user? total country volume? needs an anchor metric it seems


    • Sir Justin,

      Got it from a report given to me by Dave, will look it up and get back to you.
      Have a wonderful 2012 dear chap and hope to chat soon.


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