8.ta: Campaign Case Study

Velocity films have just released the above case study/awards entry video for Telkom’s mobile operator arm, namely 8.ta.

The agency behind the campaign is McCann South Africa, nice work chaps. (If anyone from McCann South Africa is reading please sort out your sites SEO, you don’t even turn up on the first page of google for the term “McCann South Africa”, if you need help contact Neo@Ogilvy)


Adman at Ogilvy


  1. Impressive. So, then what did you think, Chris? As an outsider it looks all great, anything I’d be missing or you think that they could’ve done better? How were they online?

  2. Sir Kaigwa,
    Personally I think they did a pretty stella job, I can remember asking friends what it was all about for ages too 🙂
    I checked their social media presence and although the sites have low fans/visitors it does looks like they are quick to respond. Also I would guess a lot of the target audience are prob not the high end online type, they would more be the mobile web type.
    Maybe do some nice mobile community stuff and chat to Nick and Vince from http://motribe.com/?

    Still shocked at how hard it is to find McCann SA online though! they really should have sorted out the SEO by now 🙂

    All the best dear chap and let me know if your thoughts.


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