FirstBank: Free books QR code billboards

Books 1 Firstbank free books 2 Firstbank free books

FirstBank has placed these clever Billboards around Denver airport to allow travellers to download free books and crossword puzzles via their mobile phone using QR codes. If you want to try it for yourself just click on any of the pictures above to zoom in and try the codes out for yourself (a QR code reader will be needed). People can also go to to download any of the books for free.

Nice work from TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder. The agency is reckoning that they will get around 7000 downloads in the 5 months they are running the campaign, personally I think that is a little low. Help prove me right and start downloading your free books here. (Books include classics such as The Art of War, Treasure Island, The Call of the Wild, The Last of the Mohicans, and Moby-Dick)


Adman at Ogilvy

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