Hyundai: Cape Town Giant Vuvuzela

Hyundai vuvuzelaHyundai and Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town have come up with a fun way to get the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup matches underway. They have erected a huge 114-foot-long Vuvuzela on one of the unfinished flyover roads above Cape Town and attached several air horns to the mouth piece, when blown it makes one hell of a noise (see the test video below to see for yourself).

The giant Vuvuzela will be blown at the start of every World Cup game as a call to action for the City. It looks like the Hyundai Vuvuzela may also get into the Guinness Book of Records for largest Vuvuzela in the world !

Great campaign and thanks to Livio Tronchin, Creative Director at Jupiter for the heads up.

On a side note best of luck to Livio and Mark Stead (former King James Creative Director) for their new upcoming agency “&Co”.


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  1. The vuvuzela is so annoying that it makes watching games very tiring. It is the first time that I am watching the games on Mute setting.

  2. All the wankers who blow this during the game should be put in front of this one and blown away.

  3. I will NEVER buy a Hyundai now for the rest of my life simply because of their support for the aweful vuvuzela. They must have retards working in their marketing department.

  4. I agree with Jilly Mcgilligan. Maybe we can change this into a vuvuzela mincer. Anyway if Hyundai caters for a Vuvuzela market it is not for me. I would the identify with a different make.

  5. Those of you that dislike the vuvuzela esp the Big Bad Boy in Cape Town and say you will never by a Hyundai as they sponsered it, should continue driving your Saab or Volvo or sitting at home too scared to leave the house. Quite frankly leave our beautiful country. Has every fan that I have met one, yes they do! Do all the children that I am in contact with (many as I am a coach) have one or desire one, Yes they do ! Get a life, get your head out of your arse and live a little !!!

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