Nike Sportswear: Kronk South Africa 2010

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Recently the kind chaps at Shelf Life invited me to the Cape Town Launch of a new Nike Sportswear range made for the 2010 World Cup by local popular designer Kris Hewitt Aka Kronk.

Nike chose 6 countries and 6 designers to design an exclusive limited edition range Knronk shelflife partyentitled “Bleed your Colours”. The countries chosen were USA, Holland, Brazil, France, South Africa, and the UK.

This is the first ever Nike Sportsware collaboration with a South African artist and personally I found Kronks range to be the best, I even bought one of the shirts myself.

If you like the look of the Nike Kronk range you can buy it for a limited time at Shelf Life, the range starts at R499 and goes up to R899 depending on your choice of attire.

The party was fantastic; free drinks, street fashion, Kronk signings,  and some fab intriguing company (including a talented American photographer named Jared)

Shelf Life is an incredible store based in the heart of Cape Town that sells exclusive limited ranges of street wear clothing and sneakers from the worlds top brands, they have been featured in Elle and Vogue magazine, and many other international publications. Shelf Life also happens to be a great graffiti supply store if that’s more your thing. If you’re in the Mother City click here for directions and have a look around.

Check out the brilliant video below made for the launch of the range featuring Kronk himself (check him at 35 sec in)


Adman at Ogilvy


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