5 Alive: Dancing Dodo

UK juice company 5 Alive have just launched a fantastic campaign called “Dancing Dodo”. Surprisingly the new TV commercial above features, yes you’ve guessed it, a dancing Dodo !

If only 5 Alive could really bring back the Dodo, instead for now they have settled on creating a dedicated facebook page, featuring some user generated video clips fitting with the “Come alive with 5 Alive” mantra. They also made a dedicated YouTube page if that’s more your thing. Congrats on the great work VCCP. If you’re wondering what the music is for the 5 Alive ad is it’s “I’m Alive” by Don Fardon.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy the long weekend

dodo dodo 5 alive


Adman at Ogilvy


  1. This Dancing Dodo, it’s cool,yes I got the idea why the Dodo was dancing. But, does this apply to people as well? It’s just a matter of opinion, as I believe that this product is a juice, right? Anyway, overall, it’s cool

    • Absolutely brilliant. Whats wrong with people who cant just take it as a bit of fun..

  2. yeh i like it but i want to load it on to my phone so i think this website should luv the dodo though dodo out bye

  3. my partner and i find this advert in very poor taste as it is mans fault this beautiful bird is no longer with us

    • get a life u losers……..it’s probably the funniest advert on tv since compare the meerkat, put yer knitting away & get a life !

  4. i luurve this ad. it gives you that scence of spring summer paradice and the bird is a cheerful method of bringing your spirits up but is not the best for 5 alive u kind of forget that the ad. is about juice

  5. are you thick or wot? 5 alive brings you to life, thats what 5 alive does for you!
    dodo fan!

  6. I love the dancing dodo it is a cool advert they should do some more adverts with the dodo dancing

  7. The music is catchy and the ad is executed well but it’s a complete rip off, they’ve taken the Cadbury’s gorilla idea wholesale.

    Take 1 quality well known track – put it to something random (insert drumming gorilla or dancing dodo) bobs ur uncle it’s ‘cool’.

    The coco pops advert did it. with random dancing milkmen in chocolate milk rain set to a ‘i’ve got the power’ track.

    none of them come close to the Cadbury’s ad which is soooo good and has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate until the pack shot.

    Rant over

  8. A pathetic attempt to start a viral … would love to have heard the pitch for this one – epic fail

  9. The dancing dodo is fantstic add just not long enough. Were can I get a dancing dodo

  10. Some advertisments are better than the t.v programmes. This is certainly one of them. I love the dancing dodo.

  11. I love this advert because my friend loves dodos and I love spamming this advert on her facebook account 😀
    I also think it’s an entertaining advert for all ages (; the music that the dodo was dancing to was a very energetic song and it added a vibe to the advert so people could easily think it’s catchy 😀
    I suggest you do more of these dodo adverts so people will buy the brand- kinda like a little lift .great idea 🙂

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