Kulula Airlines: Flying 101 livery

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Kulula (South Africa’s favourite low fare airline), have recently released this fantastic new aircraft livery entitled “Flying 101”. Kulula are well known for their fun marketing exploits and this one lives up to their high standards. Each part of the aircraft is labelled with humorous captions such as “Loo (or mile-high initiation chamber)” and “Landing gear (comes standard with Kulula Flying 101super-fly mags)”. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Brilliant, the design work was done in-house by Kulula.

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  1. I love the marketing Kulula does! They do marketing how it was meant to be done! In a manner that makes you remember the brand, and become loyal to it purely from advertising! Simply brilliant 🙂

    • i like it. a bit uneasy about the fact that they suggested the rudder is “the steering thing”, and the elevator is the “other steering thing”. “Steering” is done with the ailerons. As long as they didn’t hear it from the pilots that’s fine. But if they consulted the pilots i suggest you fly with a different airline.

      • Coordinated turns in an aircraft are done with the elevator, rudder, AND ailerons. Without using your elevator, you lose altitude in a turn. This is bad. You CAN turn a plane not using the rudder, but why? That is what it is there for!

      • It’s called ‘having a sense of humour’… maybe you should try it sometime?!! Lighten up, I’m sure the Kulula pilots are aware of how to ‘steer’ a plane!

  2. Kulula is a Zulu term for easily and with a livery like it won’t be hard for every passenger going to board to be sporting at least a smile.

  3. Thank God for the breath of fresh air which Kulula blows into the South African airline industry, and actually into the world airline industry. Here’s a list of Kulula humour we’ve compiled, for anybody interested in more.

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