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Oh my word, If you have even the slightest interest in cars and have any sense of humour don’t miss the Top Gear Live world tour. Last night I was invited to the Launch of the event in Cape Town by the legends from TomTom and I simply can’t thank them enough. The whole evening was one big joyous occasion for me, as a Top Gear addict I don’t think I could have asked for more.

On arrival I was given a tour of the stands, several manufactures launched cars at the show (for South TomTom AvishAfrica) such as Lotus and Volvo, more importantly though look above at the girls above that Audi Cape Town had for the show!. Pictured to the right is the wonderful Avish from TomTom,and I at the TomTom stand ( what a man !). There was a Gala dinner, then the main show, then Q&A with Jeremy Clarkson, then a tour backstage, all in all it was epic. In addition my great companions for the eve were the heads of Cellucity, Cape Union Mart and Due South, all bloody nice chaps doing great work.

TomTom also kindly gave away tickets to tomorrows Cape Town show to 2 lucky winners but more on that another time.

If your in South Africa or any of the other countries Top Gear Live is visiting I highly suggest you click here, find out when they are coming, then get in your cars, turn on your TomTom’s and make your way there, you wont be disappointed.

p.s. I sat next to two of the great chaps than run Cellucity (SA largest independent mobile phone dealer) and check out what one of the bosses uses as his mobile phone (The cheapest Nokia you can buy, pic below)

If you’re in SA click here to book tickets


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