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Skinny Blonde

Fantastic cheeky site from new Australian low-carb beer brand “Skinny Blonde”. The micro site was launched to help promote their new line of beer labels that use heat sensitive ink, when you hold the beer bottle the red lady’s bikini top fades away to reveal her naked breasts (see pic below).

On the site you get to pick one of the Skinny Blondes, it then takes you to a short profile page with a picture of the relevant lady and a temperature gauge to the side. As you turn up the temperature gauge the relevant blonde just happens to reveal her breasts. Now of course I would never do this myself, this is just what I have been told !.

Now go have a look for yourself at the Skinny Blonde site here.

Stunning and I’m sure controversial work from owners Hamish Rosser, Richie Harkham, and Jarrod Taylor. (Would love to buy those chaps a beer, they even gave the girl a name: “Daisy” !)

Great example of how using technology and breasts can get a new brand out there fast. To find out more about the Skinny Blonde company click here.

UPDATE: The site was created by Brothers Ink (click here for the Skinny Blonde beer history and brief pdf)

Skinny Blonde beer

Skinny Blonde owners

  Bonus pic of the owners above !!!!


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  1. hi there i live in melbourne and would like to no where can i buy skinny blonde beer here please

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