T-Mobile Trafalgar Square Flash Mob

After Saatchi & Saatchi’s last success with the T-Mobile flash mob dance ad they decided to take it one step further.

On April the 26th they released a video message on the T-Mobile YouTube page asking people to turn up at Trafalgar Square in London at 6-7pm to be in a new ad for T-mobile, and they did ! (Click here for the video message)

13,500 people showed up on time and had a 1 hour filmed mass karaoke session. Pink was in the crowd to provide some celeb fun, and Saatchi placed some paid actors around the crowd with wireless microphone’s (along with approx 2000 more for the public) to make 100% sure they could get some good shots.

Great work from Saatchi UK again. The above clip is the full length ad featuring the Beatles track “Hey Jude”. To read more about the ad from Saatchi click here.


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