Shredded Wheat: The Palace of light

Great online campaign by Ogilvy for Post shredded wheat. The Campaign revolves around a character called Frank Druffel who is the boss of the Post Shredded Wheat company. The ad plays on the great humour from Frank who tries to teach his employees to put "the ‘no’ in innovation".

They created a series of 5 YouTube video clips and a dedicated site called The site showcases the 5 video clips and looks at the back story that the Original Shredded wheat was created by Henry Perky in 1892 using only one healthy ingredient, namely boiled wheat. The recipe has not changed since, in fact the only thing they say has changed is that its now available in spoon size.

Interesting fact that it seems Henry Perky was an inventor of machinery first and foremost and created the “The Cereal Machine Company” which produced Shredded Wheat. At first he tried to sell the machine without success and then found that the cereal was becoming very popular and so he opened his first bakery. This in turn made Perky the pioneer of the "cookless breakfast food" and the first person to mass produce and nationally distributed ready-to-eat cereal.


Adman at Ogilvy


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