Cape Town 27 Dinner

Another fab meal and plenty of wine in the Mother city and this time with a new name!
27 dinner was launched in Joburg at the beginning of the year and a couple of nights ago saw in its Cape Town debut at Relish, complete with projectors, speakers, food, film and sound crew and most importantly the best wine in the world 🙂
The idea is to get a group of people that are all interested in having a conversation, learning and developing business as well as social friendships with the best of the best in and sometimes out of South Africa. For the 27 dinners those people are generally in the IT, Tech, Marketing industry but certainly not limited to it, as seen in Cape Town.
There were some great speeches, one of them by a musician called Verity, who is successfully pre-selling 5000 copies of her album that is yet to be made (visit her site and please help out, its for charity too!), and secondly a gent called Guy Lundy who’s job it is to make sure that Cape Town remains and continues to grow as one of the most important developing cities in the world.
Wine was naturally sponsored by Stormhoek and if anyone who went to the dinner is wondering why they didn’t see many of the bottles, it was probably because they were busy been consumed by whomever waved/screamed the most frantically, as the waiters did their best running and pouring themselves (40 bottles were consumed).
Other speeches were from Shelly Levin, on how to make cash from affiliate advertising, Angus Robinson, on the future is bright the future is mobile, and then there was also a great speech from the Stormhoek main man Graham Knox on how a little wine farm in the middle of nowhere became one of South Africa’s leading wine farms/brands.
The event was very kindly organised by my good friends and owners of Cerebra, Mike Stopforth and Dave duarte. Everyone I met seemed to have a great eve and although some of the speeches lasted too long I am sure that the next one will take on a more fast speech style. This will naturally allow for much more drinking and general chit chat so I’m already looking forward to it!!.
Thanks to all those who made it, and hope you enjoyed the wine and good company, also before I forget thanks to Max (The hunter of genius) who did some stellar work on the presentations, and also to the guys from the Garden Route, Stii and Gerry for making the intrepid journey back into civilisation !!.
We also launched one of our new slogan’s at the event, with t-shirts saying “high class hoeker” on the front (in glittery silver!) and one of the famous Huge Macloed cartoons on the back. Three of these were auctioned off for charity.
I could go on about the eve for ages but I am in need of a glass of wine so for more reading please go to the 27 dinner wiki here and if your keen to attend the next one book soon here as its already almost half full !!!.
P.S. The dinners take place every 27th of the month, alternating between Joburg and Cape Town.


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