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If you would like to have your great work featured on the site just email me (see address below) the following:

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Look forward to seeing the work, I update the site most weekdays daily, & the site reaches around 700 – 1000 people a day.
Not all work gets selected.

p.s. Spammers are frowned upon.

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  1. Chris your “Did You Know” video is excellent. Thanks so much for creating it, stimulating us, presenting possibilities to ponder and sharing your wisdom.

  2. You have a good collection of videos. Thank you from me because since tht day I spend my free time more logistic.
    My fiends and I also watch them with interest.
    I will also visit your blog again and again.
    good luck and have happiness.

    p.s.: sorry for my bad english

  3. Hi Chris

    How are you? Some amazing stuff u got here. I really like your blog. I have a question for u though. Please tell me, how I can become a nokia phone trial user? thanks.


  4. I would like to get a copy of “did you know” to show at an upcoming meeting where I will not have access to the internet – is this possbile?


  5. Hi young Christopher, as I once knew you to be, when I lived at 49 Frognal in Hampstead Heath. I knew your mom and dad very well. Helen and I were great friends until my husband and I moved back to America. You were a beautiful child. I did a fashion show (as your dad’s assistant director at Maxim’s de Paris fashion show in London, a very long time ago). How is your mom? I hope Helen is well and lovely as ever. Give her my best regards.

    All my best to you,

    Karen DeMers Dowdall (formally Karen Cox)

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