Old Spice: Hair That Plays The Piano

Wieden + Kennedy are at it again with another novel Old Spice campaigns. The idea is that with Old Spice hair products your hair is capable of anything. So naturally they have created a way for you to have Huey… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Unnecessary Freshness

Old Spice recently released 4 new remarkably odd yet funny 18 second ads for the new NFL season. Would love to have been in the meeting when Wieden + Kennedy sold these to the client. Watch them below for a… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Muscle Music Maker

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo. The guys at Wieden + Kennedy have pulled out another cracker for Old Spice. This time they have taken advantage of Vimeo, and customised it to allow you to make up… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Charmin and Bounce

Brilliant work again by Wieden + Kennedy for Old Spice. This time they bring back Terry Crews again as the Old Spice Oder blocker guy to fun effect. With the help of big daddy Procter & Gamble the team have… Continue Reading

Top 15 ads of 2011

2011 has been my first year of being officially with Ogilvy South Africa. It’s been incredible to watch the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making something that we see, and for the most part ignore, every day hundreds… Continue Reading

Old Spice: MANta Claus

The Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa is back, and this time bearing gifts for Christmas in the guise of MANta Clause. Above he tells us how he gave the world Australia on a Tuesday about 1.5 kabillion year ago. Go… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Bear Deodorant Protector

Another wonderful idea from Wieden + Kennedy for Old spice. Just in time for Christmas they have come up with a novel / cheesy Old Spice deodorant holder in the shape of a bear. Check out the fun clip above,… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Fabio vs Old Old Spice Guy

For the last few weeks Old Spice has been publicising its new Old Spice guy, Fabio, who has been mocking the original Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa. As seen above Fabio has challenged Isaiah to a challenge. Isaiah as you… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Ray Lewis on a Jet powered Raven

Old Spiced Spice and Wieden + Kennedy’s are back, and this time minus Isaiah Mustafa!! This time they chose to pick NFL Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, riding a huge raven with lasers and a rocket into space and blowing… Continue Reading

Old Spice: Personal YouTube Responses

In what must be one of the most entertaining and stunningly brilliant online campaigns ever, the Old Spice character Isaiah Mustafa has been doing personalised video messages to users commenting on the commercials on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and the web in… Continue Reading