Nissan: Househunter Test-Drive

Interesting experiment in contextual online adverting by TBWA\RAAD Dubai. To try and tempt house buyers to test drive new Nissans they linked a car configurator to a popular online house hunting website. The site suggested relevant Nissan cars based on… Continue Reading

Nissan LEAF: The World’s Cheapest Taxi Rank

Fuel prices are getting ridiculous, so to help publicise the fuel saving electric Nissan LEAF advertising agency AKQA came up with the above brilliant activation. Because the LEAF is an all electric car you can fill it up for under… Continue Reading

Nissan & Renault create the same ads

Not sure who came up with this idea first but both TBWA for Nissan and Publicis for Renault seem to have come up with the same idea for an ad for the car manufacturers new 100% electric cars. Nice ads… Continue Reading

Nissan: iPhone iAd

Innovative work from Nissan and TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles. Together they have the first comic book interactive iAd for the new Nissan Juke. In a Chuck like parody you have to help a chap called Kowalczyk on a quest for donuts.