Nando’s: Anthem (Nkalakatha)

Another fun local ad from Nando’s, this time celebrating the national anthem Nando’s style. Work by Black River FC (Who really need to get a website already, has said under construction for over a year)

Nando’s: Diversity

Black River FC and Nando’s have come up with another wonderful ad that was recently banned by the SABC!. The Nando’s Diversity campaign aims to force South Africans to question Xenophobia and intolerance. Great work.

Nando’s: Options

Wonderful ad parody from Nando’s and their agency Black River FC. To understand the above clip you will need to have seen the original popular clever ad for Sanlam featuring Ben Kingsley by another local agency King James.

Nandos: Black Tuesday

Wonderful fast work as always by Black River FC for Nando’s for #BlackTuesday in South Africa.

Nando’s drops it like it’s *not* hot

Stunning new campaign for Nando’s yet again. Always wonderful to see a cross-dressing assassin. The campaign is to launch the new Nando’s basting/marinade of awesomeness – Tangy Tomato. They’re talking sun-ripened tomatoes plus a touch of aromatic basil and a… Continue Reading

Nandos: Dalai Lama visit to South Africa

Wonderful work from the chaps at Black River FC in response to the South African government denying/delaying the Dalai Lama a visa to visit the country for Desmond Tutu’s birthday! (more on that here).

Nando’s Noise: Reggie Watts

Stunning work by Nando’s UK.They hired famous beat boxer Reggie Watts to launch the Nando’s Noise campaign where users can make there own Reggie Watts beat box mix and share it on facebook or twitter. Go to to find… Continue Reading

Nandos: The history of Nandos Peri-Peri Chapter 1

Nando’s has just released the first of six ads that will reveal the story of the dubious history of their unique Peri-Peri sauce. The campaign is from Black River FC and to celebrate the release of the first ad they… Continue Reading

Nando’s: Uruguay vs Ghana

Nice of Nando’s to publicly get behind Ghana for tonight’s world cup clash. Great work as always from Black River FC.

Nando’s: Topless for Ama Visitors

Above is a fantastic South African commercial for Nando’s restaurants. The clip shows South African hotties going topless to make the visitors feel more at home with the expected African stereotypes. Some great cheesy copy is also included such as… Continue Reading