GE: Outdoor Gallery

GE created an outdoor gallery in São Paulo. The project, developed by AlmapBBDO, improved the city’s visual landscape by getting local popular street artists to paint over blank old advertising panels, high visibility art that poetically narrated GE’s work in… Continue Reading

Volkswagen Tiguan: Not Found

Interesting online stunt by AlmapBBDO for the Volkswagen Tiguan. They created an ad of Facebook saying the Tiguan had gone missing from the website. When users searched they were taken to a custom ‘page not found’ page that showed links… Continue Reading

Antarctica Beer: The Beer Turnstile

More great work from AlmapBBDO, Brazil for Antarctica Beer. During the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, they developed a Beer Turnstile. The turnstile encouraged people to take the train rather that drink drive after the carnival, all people needed for… Continue Reading

Gollog: Google Street View Delivery

Simple but wonderful idea from AlmapBBDO for delivery courier company Gollog. They created a digital magazine ad that took your current good street view location and overlaid a Gollog package with your current street address on it when you viewed… Continue Reading

Volkswagen: Automatic Skip Ad

More brilliant Volkswagen YouTube work from AlmapBBDO. They created the above YouTube pre-roll ad that showed odd the benefits of the VW seamless DSG Tiptronic transmission by seamlessly automatically pressing the skip button at the end of the 5 second… Continue Reading