Meet the words first talking water fountain

USA water charity, Drink Up, has created a funny / smart talking water fountain. The aim is to help get more people to drink more water more often. They placed water fountains across New York, only when people drank the… Continue Reading

Coke creates a phone booth that accepts bottle caps

Brands are getting much better at making real products that have value, that can then be used as an ad. To give labourers in the UAE a few extra minutes of happiness, Coca-Cola created the Hello Happiness Phone Booth —… Continue Reading

Playboy: Hairstyles

Funny stuff for Playboy South Africa from Y&R

Land Rover: The 7th Wheel

Y&R New York recently released the above ad for the 7 seater Land Rover LR4. The ad features the story of a 7th wheel tag along to a road trip.The ad is like watching a series of brilliantly executed film… Continue Reading

Playboy: Crack, Silicon Valley, Deforestation

Some very boyish creative from Y&R, South Africa for Playboy Magazine.

Vodafone: Yoda Jedi Training

At the end of last year Vodafone UK moved its £47 million account from BBH to RKCR/Y&R London. Above is the first of their new ads for the brand featuring Yoda and Nokia’s new Windows7 phone. If you haven’t tried… Continue Reading

Peru Tourism: Bringing Peru to Nebraska

This is one of the best tourism campaigns I have ever seen. In order to promote Peru, Y&R, Peru bought Peru’s culture, food, traditions, and more to Peru, Nebraska in the USA. They took over the small town and filmed… Continue Reading

Land Rover: Pathological Liar

Nice work from Y&R New York for Land Rover. I think what they are trying to say is that all Land Rover drivers are liars and cowards?

Virgin Atlantic: Love is in the Air

After just getting off a stunning Virgin flight from Cape Town back home to London I thought this new campaign by RKCR/Y&R London for Virgin Atlantic might be appropriate. Virgin have recently launched a new Flight tracker iPhone app and… Continue Reading

LG Vacuum Cleaner: Something’s Lurking

The Possibly the most over the top commercial ever for a vacuum cleaner! The clip is for the new range of LG Kompressor technology vacuums and was created by Y&R/NY and animated by Psyop. I do like the very Inception… Continue Reading