Stormhoek Couture

Nice promo video for our new concept drink called Couture.Developed over the last two year from pure Stormhoek Cabernet Sauvignon grapes it’s the first wine to be designed to drink over ice. Currently it’s available in the UK at all… Continue Reading

Stormhoek Inner circle bookclub

A while ago my girlfriend told me she was invited to join a book club, now I as a regular guy I thought this would involve reading a book every month and then commenting on it at a meeting once… Continue Reading

Stormhoek UK promo

Recently in the UK Stormhoek began stocking our Pinotage and Sauvignon blanc with the supermarket giants Tesco. For the next two weeks at select stores accross the UK the above wines will be available at £3.99 compared to the normal… Continue Reading


This week we (Stormhoek) have finally teamed up with the legend Jon Cherry, owner of the Cherryflava Media empire, to offer you the chance to try out our new 2007 Sauvignon Blanc pre-release. The offer is limited to 102 bottles… Continue Reading

Couture by Stormhoek

Yes us crazy guys at Stormhoek have been at our product too much again and will be releasing a brand new type of wine that has never before been tried!!! The new wine called ” Couture by Stormhoek ” is… Continue Reading

Vin Au Verre !

The french have been at the bottle again and have come up with something useful for a change unlike frog legs, snails and unreliable car brands! The above gadget is made by a company called Eurocave, who by chance also… Continue Reading

Stormhoek braai, Update post

Just a quick one to point you to a few posts that have been writing about Stormhoek and the big love braai recently. Dave Duarte: Stormhoek Humanizes Wine. Gerry : Stromy Blogger’s Braai, and he also has a great collection… Continue Reading

Stormhoek bloggers Love braai

Last night saw in the first Stormhoek Bloggers Braai. The event was held at Stormhoek HQ just outside Wellington. This provided the first chance for a select few of our fab fans to have a look around the vineyard, try… Continue Reading

Threshers voucher, Take 2

In our ongoing quest to spread the Stormhoek love we have now posted yet another 40% of all wine from Threshers voucher on the main Stormhoek site.This is only valid in the UK for from the 22nd of march to… Continue Reading

Big Love Stormhoek wine farm trip

Its official, the time and date for one of this years most exciting South African events has been finalised!!. Yes that’s right, the bloggers Stormhoek wine farm trip.The event will take place on Friday the 23rd of March from 6pm… Continue Reading