Honda beautifully craft the feeling of driving a new Civic

Honda has made a ad that shows the feeling they craft into the new Civic. I love the idea of the perfect drive being carefully crafted, it beautifully shows the experience you can get with a joyful drive. Wonderful work… Continue Reading

Nike show how Tiger Woods inspired Rory McIlroy

Nike have created a wonderful ad showing the childhood story of how Rory McIlroy grew up being inspired by, and wanting to emulate Tiger Woods. It’s storytelling at it’s best, and as usual it’s from Wieden+Kennedy. The ad also conveniently… Continue Reading

Honda’s epic new ads tests your speed reading ability

The smart folks at W+K London have created a wonderful series of YouTube ads for Honda that test your speed reading ability. It’s kind of a smart execution of another speed reading campaign last year from Cellcom. Normally, a person reads… Continue Reading

The best ads from 2014

What better way to start 2015, than by looking back at some of the best ads from 2014. Below are my picks, in no particular order. More than anything each of these ads I believe will make you feel something..… Continue Reading

Sony shares the journey of film script to screen

Sony and W+K Portland have created a short ad showing the journey of a film script concept to screen. The ad helps share that Sony helps create great films at every step in the journey, so if you’re in the mark for a… Continue Reading

Nike make another epic ad with LeBron James & Wieden + Kennedy

Nike Basketball have made another pretty incredible ad with LeBron James for his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The ad is stunning to watch even if you have no idea about who LeBron is, or what basketball is. Yet more… Continue Reading

Honda create a brilliant double sided interactive YouTube story for the new Civic

Honda have created a double sided story on YouTube to show off the new Civic in both the normal and R variants. The campaign, by Wieden + Kennedy London, allows you to see two parallel stories and switch between them… Continue Reading

Facebook Messenger ad shows what modern love looks like

The first ad campaign for Facebook Messenger shows the reality of what modern courtship often looks like. I must be getting old as think this is little bit of a sad reflection on today’s society. Facebook wants to show that… Continue Reading

Citizen watches chase and photograph sunsets in every time zone in one flight

Citizen watches managed to chase and capture sunsets at every time zone in one flight. The stunt was accomplished by flying westward at just the right speed (289.95kmph), and at just the right latitude (80°), from Reykjavik in Iceland to… Continue Reading

New FIFA 15 features Messi and a whole lot of incredible graphics

This new FIFA 15 ad featuring Messi shows just some of the incredible feeling and graphics coming to the upcoming football video game. The ad brilliantly shows off the realism of FIFA 15, personally I cant wait to give it… Continue Reading