Huggies 3D print an ultrasound of a baby

Huggies 3D printed an ultrasound of a baby for an expectant mother who has been blind since she was 17. Seeing an ultrasound of your future child is an incredible thing, but when you’re blind it’s not the same, so huggies… Continue Reading

Whiskas create Instagram for your cat

Whiskas and their agency Clemenger BBDO, Sydney have created a wearable device for cats that posts pictures of their adventures. The device is collar worn camera that’s activated by motion and takes 6 pictures a minute, the owner can then browse the pictures… Continue Reading

Samsung create the world’s first live virtual reality birth

Samsung have used their VR Gear virtual reality headset to help a father away from home witness the birth of his new baby boy. They used a 3D camera, hooked up via a live streaming kit, and a Note 4 to… Continue Reading

Scroll through the story of the killing of Jesus

If you are interested in Jesus you will be glad to know the National Geographic has just created a rather great scrollable website showing the story of his death from different perspectives. The scrollable story site is part of a promo… Continue Reading

Flying Quadcopter Lamp Shades Star in new Cirque du Soleil act

Flying lampshades anyone? Cirque du Soleil, ETH Zurich, & Verity Studios have partnered to develop a short film featuring 10 quadcopters in a pretty stunning flying dance performance. The collaboration resulted in the film below uses no special effects. Pretty sure… Continue Reading

All the New Apple Ads in One Place

So unless you’ve been hiding in a bunker this week you would have heard about all the new Apple products. Basically there are two new phones with bigger screens, better cameras, a simple NFC payment mechanism, and some more sensors… Continue Reading

Ralph Lauren creates a Biometric Smartwear sports top

Ralph Lauren has created a shirt that measures your fitness and health through the shirts own material. The shirt uses conductive threads that allow it to sense breathing and heart rate, and then stream real-time workout data directly to your… Continue Reading

2014 Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report

The 2014 Mary Meeker Internet trends report is now available, it’s essential reading if you want to get an idea of where we are at in the tech world.This year the presentation focuses on 6 key areas:1. Key Internet trends… Continue Reading

Nissan showcase a self cleaning car paint

In the clip below Nissan showcase a new paint coating that repels mud and dirt, drastically reducing the need for washing cars. At present the innovative paint technology is still in testing, but would imagine this will be coming to… Continue Reading

Foxtel Creates Haptic Feedback Shirts For Football Viewers

Australian pay TV company Foxtel  and their agency CHE Proximity have created a wearable technology shirt (called Alert Shirt), that provides haptic feedback to people watching Aussie Rules Football.The shirt connects to a smartphone app and converts live game data… Continue Reading