This billboard makes you yawn then gives you free coffee

Brazilian coffee company Café Pelé (yes, named after the footballer), has created a billboard that makes you yawn, and then gives you free coffee. The billboard was put up in the São Paulo Metro with tracking hardware, the more people near the… Continue Reading

Huggies 3D print an ultrasound of a baby

Huggies 3D printed an ultrasound of a baby for an expectant mother who has been blind since she was 17. Seeing an ultrasound of your future child is an incredible thing, but when you’re blind it’s not the same, so huggies… Continue Reading

World famous light artist makes unique art with Infiniti cars

World famous light artist Patrick Rochon transformed three Infiniti cars in Dubai into moving light painting brushes to create giant colourful images. Supposedly this is the world’s first Light Painting featuring cars, to see the images, visit Work by TBWA RAAD,… Continue Reading

Apple show off some great apps in their new iPhone5s ad

Although there is a new iPhone due pretty soon Apple have decided to launch another ad for the iPhone 5s. This one continues on with the same theme as before “you’re more powerful than you think”.The ad itself is not… Continue Reading

Pepsi Max: Journalist Pranked By A Fake Police Chase

Last year Pepsi Max and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranked a car salesman (see it here), lots of people doubted its authenticity including car blog Jalopnic’s main author. So Pepsi decided to invite him out to their new shoot so… Continue Reading

Apple: 30 Years of Macintosh

On January 24, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh. On January 24, 2014, Apple sent 15 camera crews all over the world to film an ad in one day using over 100 iPhone5s phones. The ad was directed by Ridley Scott… Continue Reading

Apple iPhone Christmas ad – Missunderstood

Apple and their ad agency TBWA have just released an interesting new ad with a nice twist at the end. This ad was partly shot on the new iPhone 5s.Nice ad, good twist, still not sure I really think this… Continue Reading

Apple: Pencil

Here is the new ad for the iPad Air. Clever work from TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA. I want one.

Final SA 2013 Cannes Lions Winners

The final day of the 60th Cannes Lions saw South African agencies finish the week in style with wins in both the Film, and Branded Content categories. TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris continued their winning streak by getting a bronze in film, while Ogilvy… Continue Reading

Uniball Pens: If Fonts Could Speak

Great local work from TBWA South Africa, for Uniball Pens. They created 3 video’s as seen below that show what fonts would sound like if they could read to you, showing why it’s better to write your letters with pen… Continue Reading