New FIFA 15 features Messi and a whole lot of incredible graphics

This new FIFA 15 ad featuring Messi shows just some of the incredible feeling and graphics coming to the upcoming football video game. The ad brilliantly shows off the realism of FIFA 15, personally I cant wait to give it… Continue Reading

All the New Apple Ads in One Place

So unless you’ve been hiding in a bunker this week you would have heard about all the new Apple products. Basically there are two new phones with bigger screens, better cameras, a simple NFC payment mechanism, and some more sensors… Continue Reading

Nissan showcase a self cleaning car paint

In the clip below Nissan showcase a new paint coating that repels mud and dirt, drastically reducing the need for washing cars. At present the innovative paint technology is still in testing, but would imagine this will be coming to… Continue Reading

Guardian: An Introduction to GuardianWitness

Wonderful idea from the Guardian in the UK. They have decided to open a dedicated crowd sourced news hub called GuardianWitness. The public provide the content and the Guardian team do the editing, as well as help to provide some… Continue Reading

Nate Walsh: 1999 Toyota Camry ad

Possible one of the funniest print ad ever constructed for the internets, and it’s not even for a brand, or made by an agency. The ad was put together by a freelance copywriter called Nate Walsh and was posted to… Continue Reading

Halo 4: Launch Overview

The Halo franchise has always done pretty incredible launch campaigns but the above has taken it a step further. Halo 4 was released on the 6th November and racked up $US220 million in global sales on its launch day alone,… Continue Reading

Wonderbra: DECODER

Fantastic new campaign for Wonderbra by DIGITAS Paris, men of the world rejoice (and women of the world get some bra tips). Just download the mobile app to try it out (iPhone or Google play) and decode the new campaign… Continue Reading

TshirtOS: The world’s first programmable T-shirt

Brilliant idea from Ballantine’s (A whiskey company) and Cutecirctuit (A fashion tech company). together they have created an interactive t-shirt prototype called tshirtOS, and are asking the public to express interest if they want the shirts to be made by… Continue Reading

Nokia Lumia 900: Batman Phone

If you’re a bit of a geek you will love this new limited edition Batman Dark Knight Rises phone from Nokia. The phone in question is Nokia’s new Lumia 900 phone (Winner of the 2012 CES phone of the year),… Continue Reading

Cosmo For Guys – What Girls Look At

To help raise some PR for Hearst’s new iPad only men’s magazine “Cosmo For Guys” their Ad Agency Thinkmodo, New York City created the above campaign featuring a strapping chap walking around New York, chatting to girls, and seeing what… Continue Reading