The best work from Cannes Lions 2015

Spending 10 days in Cannes at the Lions Advertising festival was incredible, but one thing I didn’t see enough of till I got home was all the work. I have made up a presentation with what I believe are the… Continue Reading

An annual report that’s worth getting

Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer run company that builds affordable housing,  have created an annual report that demonstrates how easy it is to get involved and lend a hand. I love these kind of simple ideas, they sent out their… Continue Reading

Snickers finds city design #fails and shames them with stickers

Snickers put up temporary stickers across New York where there were design fails, the stickers simply read “You make mistakes when you’re hungry. #HungryMistakes”. The simple ads were made by BBDO New York and seeded as a fun online campaign.… Continue Reading

New Volkswagen up! Takes you places

Last weekend Volkswagen kindly lent me their New Volkswagen up!, (see pic above) to drive around Cape Town. It’s their new small city car that’s rather affordable (in South Africa you can buy one for less than R135K). I drove the… Continue Reading

Happy St Patrick’s Day ads, from Ireland & Guinness

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m soon off for a fine drinking session with some Irish friends, but first I thought I would share two of this years ads. The above is by Guinness, and below is Ireland’s new tourism ad narrated by… Continue Reading

Great optical illusion ad for Ford Park Assist

Clever optical illusion ad from Ford to showcase the ford explorers ‘Park Assist’ functionality.Just look at the ad below and stare at the black dot in the far right car for 30 seconds, then move your eyes to the parking… Continue Reading

New Golf R ad not for sufferers of vertigo

Simple but powerful print ad for the new Golf R from my home agency Ogilvy Cape Town.Not often I showcase our own ads, let alone a print one, but really enjoyed this.Creds:Art Director: Katie Mylrea, Alexi MccarthyWriter: Kelly Tomes, Guy… Continue Reading

Nivea creates a magazine ad that helps protect your child

I’m not yet a parent but I imagine at beaches kids can have a tendency to wonder off. Nivea Sun and FCB Brazil have created a print ad that contains a bracelet with a RFID tag Bluetooth chip* that can be… Continue Reading

Food poster converts taste to sound

Interesting experiment by Herb & Spice brand Schwartz, they brought taste to life using sound and touch.Illustrator Billie Jean created a visual articulation of what taste might look like. Each herb and spice depicted in the artwork was then assigned… Continue Reading

Innovative 3D Newspaper Kitchen Ad

It’s rare I share print ads, this smart example is from Sancho BBDO in Columbia, it shows the outlines of a Kitchen using distorted classified ads in a newspaper.The headline for the ad says “The kitchen you are imagining is… Continue Reading