This pizza box turns into a projector

Pizza Hut in Hong Kong created four differently designed pizza boxes that turned into a projector. The boxes each contained a lense, a cut out for you to place the lense, a shortcode for a free movie and a place for… Continue Reading

Virtual dogs follow potential new owners around mall

Shoppers who took a leaflet from Battersea Dogs Home volunteers had a surprise at Westfield shopping mall. Every leaflet had an RFID tag embedded, so virtual homeless dogs followed the shoppers around the mall appearing in all the digital billboards… Continue Reading

The world’s first workout billboards

Ogilvy Berlin and Powerade have created the world’s first workout billboards. Such a simple and brilliant idea, there were three different executions of the idea, a rolling climbing wall billboard, a weight lifting billboard and a punch bag billboard. The message on… Continue Reading

New Lifebuoy gadget eliminates bacteria from shopping trolleys

Antibacterial soap company Lifebuoy have created a gadget to eliminate the dangers of bacteria found on supermarket shopping trolleys. A refillable disk attaches to the trolley handle bar and can be swiped along it to apply a thin layer of sanitiser liquid, killing 99.9% of bacteria, making… Continue Reading

New Volkswagen up! Takes you places

Last weekend Volkswagen kindly lent me their New Volkswagen up!, (see pic above) to drive around Cape Town. It’s their new small city car that’s rather affordable (in South Africa you can buy one for less than R135K). I drove the… Continue Reading

The 5 Building Blocks of Culture

Recently Merriam-Webster declared Culture the 2014 word of the year. In life and work if we can better understand culture and what influences it, then our general happiness, and our work will be all the better for it. The short… Continue Reading

Advertising for Startups

One of the things I do for Ogilvy is help mentor startups, and share some of the lessons learned in advertising. A while ago I was kindly asked to do a talk on advertising to a group of education startups… Continue Reading

VW create a game of Tag using Twitter and real cars

To launch the new VW Polo in South Africa they created a game of tag using twitter and a bunch of the New Polo cars. For 6 days people could spot the new Polo around a specified route, tag it… Continue Reading

New Golf R ad not for sufferers of vertigo

Simple but powerful print ad for the new Golf R from my home agency Ogilvy Cape Town.Not often I showcase our own ads, let alone a print one, but really enjoyed this.Creds:Art Director: Katie Mylrea, Alexi MccarthyWriter: Kelly Tomes, Guy… Continue Reading

Coke Checkout Beep

Brilliantly simple idea from Coke and Ogilvy Brazil. They managed to get the beep at checkout counters in a supermarket changed, whenever anyone bought a Coke the beep changed to the Coke jingle.