Watch a man in high heels twerk for MoneySuperMarket

UK insurance firm has launched another hilarious ad featuring a chap with a large bottom, tight short shorts, and high heels, twerking to“Don’t cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. The ad also feature Sharon Osbourn to top it off. Another great… Continue Reading

Virgin Mobile: BlinkWashing

Virgin Mobile has come up with an innovative disruptive way of getting people to check out their mobile deal in the USA thanks to ad agency Mother, New York.They created a YouTube video that tracks your eyes and plays out… Continue Reading

MoneySuperMarket: Running With Cats

Ever wanted to see what running with cats would look like?  Well now you can thanks to this rather funny work from Mother, London for insurance firm Enjoy.

K-Y Intense: Lesbians Alex & Emma

Very fun work by Mother, New York, for K-Y® Brand INTENSE®. This time they are advertising the product using a fictional lesbian couple called Alex and Emma, whose secret to happiness and long relationship is using some K-Y Intense! For… Continue Reading

Mother New York: Mom Spam

Stunning fun work from Mother, New York for Mothers Day. They created a fun auto spam mail programme to get payback for mums around the world forwarding their sons and daughters arb emails. Have a look at the clip above… Continue Reading

IKEA: Happy Inside (Cat website)

  More great work from Mother, London’s "Happy Inside" campaign for IKEA after last months cat TV ad, where 100 cats were let loose into a flag ship London IKEA for the night. They have now launched an online component… Continue Reading

IKEA: 100 cats let loose in a store

Mother, London, have done a stunning job for their first campaign for IKEA. They decided to let 100 cats loose in London’s flagship Wembley branch over night and film what happened. As the internet loves nothing more than cats its… Continue Reading

Diet Coke: Puppets ad + Stay ad

Over the weekend I saw two great commercials for Diet Coke. The first one above is the new Diet Coke “Puppet” spot by Mother, London. If puppets and musical dance routines are your thing then you wont be disappointed. The… Continue Reading