Kids playing with sex toys used in PSA with a twist

McCann New York have used kids playing with sex toys to create a PSA with a twist for Evolve. I wont ruin the surprise but the message is a good one. Enjoy the work below.

Coke makes a football share a Coke machine for Milan

Coca-Cola have created another “Share a Coke” vending machine. This time with an activation that took place in Milan at a football match between Inter and AC Milan, two teams with an historic rivalry. Coke placed two vending machines, one… Continue Reading

Forza Motorsport 5: FilmSpeed

Below is one of the most incredible flip books I have ever seen. Forza Motorsport always tends to create incredible ads for their video game, this one is no different. To show off in game footage of Forza 5 they… Continue Reading

Microsoft: Windows 8 Live Tiles

Interesting activation stunt by McCann, Oslo for Windows 8 for one of its key innovations; Live Tiles. They placed a Music branded tile on a street, when people stood on the tile it let down the walls of a fake… Continue Reading

Volkswagen Amarok: Facebook FlipBook

Such a simple yet clever idea by ad agency: McCann, Istanbul for the VW Amarok. They created a photo album that turned into a flip book style animation as you click through the pictures. You can experience the flipbook over… Continue Reading

Forza Motorsport 4: Endangered Species

If you like driving, you may just like this new Jeremy Clarkson narrated stunt driving spot for Forza Motorsport 4. #Iwantone Agency: 215McCann, San Francisco

Subway: SubBeat Musical

Interesting approach by McCann, London for Subway’s new Smokey Chicken Sensation Sandwich. They produced this pretty crazy country rap video featuring famous chap Yuri Lane with his beatbox harmonica.

Durex: Extra Time Performa Condoms

Wonderfully funny campaign by Durex for their new Performa condoms. They claim the rubbers are filled with a lube called Benzocaine that helps maintain a mans happiness for longer! Great work from McCann Erickson, Thailand.

Shredded Wheat: Underground Media

Nice multimedia campaign by McCann London for Shredded Wheat cereals (How have they not got a website!, had to link to Wikipedia), always nice to see tech used in a usually traditional print space. Bit boring on the creative but… Continue Reading

Fable III: Kingmaker Mobile Game

McCann London, has recently launched a fantastic new campaign to get people geared up for the launch of Fable III. The campaign is called Kingmaker, and is essentially a location based, multi player, social, mobile phone-based game. In the game… Continue Reading