Honda Create a Wild Pink Pony Chase

If you like pink ponies, you will like this new ad for the Honda CR-V Series II. The ad is good fun, not sure how it really will help sales but great work nonetheless by Leo Burnett, Melbourne.

Fiat creates an interactive parking billboard

Fiat in Germany created an interactive video billboard that helped people park in order to highlight their park assist technology. The billboard was hooked up to sensors that controlled the video parking instructions being displayed. You can tell Cannes Lions is around… Continue Reading

Samsung create the world’s first live virtual reality birth

Samsung have used their VR Gear virtual reality headset to help a father away from home witness the birth of his new baby boy. They used a 3D camera, hooked up via a live streaming kit, and a Note 4 to… Continue Reading

The best ads from 2014

What better way to start 2015, than by looking back at some of the best ads from 2014. Below are my picks, in no particular order. More than anything each of these ads I believe will make you feel something..… Continue Reading

P&G makes a wonderfully inspirational ad about the phrase “like a Girl”

P&G’s Always brand has created a brilliant ad below about the huge impact the phrase “Like a girl” can have on people growing up. In order the help stop this knock to girl’s self-confidence, Always have launched the #LikeAGirl campaign… Continue Reading

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist Bottles

Leo Burnett in Colombia developed a new Coke lid that takes two people to open. They launched the limited edition bottles during the first day of colleges to help freshmen students become friends. In the press release they say they… Continue Reading

Honda creates bottled water from its hydrogen powered car

Honda has created their own bottled water brand in Australia made from the emissions of its hydrogen powered car, the Honda FCX Clarity. The idea came about from their agency Leo Burnett Melbourne to show how environmentally friendly the car… Continue Reading

Coca-Cola: Small World Machines

Great to see an example of technology used for good by helping to bring people (and 2 countries) closer together. Coke created vending machines that got people in Pakistan and India to connect live and share an experience and a… Continue Reading

Kenco Coffee: Kenneth the Talking Vending Machine

Another week, another talking vending machine, this time from Leo Burnett in London, for Kenco Millicano coffee. They set up a talking vending machine in Soho Square that cajoles, badgers and generally annoys passers-by into doing physical chores in exchange… Continue Reading

Navarro Correas Wine: Art with Wine

Interactive billboards are generally well received and the above from Navarro Correas wines and ad agencies Leo Burnett Colombiana / Alpha245, Bogota, Colombia is no exception. They recreated Van Gogh’s self portrait using 1000 acrylic cells and an automated robotic… Continue Reading