The City of Cape Town create an ad that can only be seen in the rain to Help the homeless

The City of Cape Town is helping the approx 7000 people living homeless in the city during the winter by creating a simple pavement stencil ad using Superhydrophobic spray paint. The pain repels water, so when it rains the message… Continue Reading

Bells Whisky: The Reader

Incredibly emotional and very relevant to South Africa, this new ad from Bells has had guys across the country shedding a tear. Easily my favourite ad of the year so far. The ad comes from King James and was shot… Continue Reading

Steri Stumpie: Dead Drop Flavour Launch

Great activation work from King James for Steri Stumpie.They invited some of their fans, bloggers, and a few random strangers to test the new Steri Stumpie Vanilla flavour. All the people were told was to meet at a particular park… Continue Reading

Kulula: Official Posh new Boeing Launch

I’m always a big fan of the King James work for Kulula, and this one is extra special. To celebrate the launch of their new Boeing 737-800 they hosted a champagne reception in the sky + more surprises for their… Continue Reading

Kulula: Fourth Wife

Great local work by Kulula and King James. This weekend the above ad aired in national newspapers, and coincidently the SA president married his fourth wife! Kulula says the offer is a uniquely South African response to pressures faced by… Continue Reading

Nando’s: Options

Wonderful ad parody from Nando’s and their agency Black River FC. To understand the above clip you will need to have seen the original popular clever ad for Sanlam featuring Ben Kingsley by another local agency King James.

The Eagle Awards: Tank, grenade, Sniper Rifle

If you have anything to do with advertising, you will probably appreciate theses new ads for the upcoming 2011 Eagle Awards (The main creative print awards in SA). The ads help to show what obstacles most great creative work has… Continue Reading

Kulula: UFO

To help celebrate 10 years of Kulula their agency King James has worked out that they have flown 55million KM, the same distance from here to Mars!. They have bought plots of land on Mars and will be giving away… Continue Reading

Allan Gray: Time Flies

More wonderful work from King James for Allan Gray investments. The ad is a long awaited replacement for the much loved and awarded James Dean commercial from the same agency (See that here). Well done Alistair King, Paige Nick, and… Continue Reading

Plascon:Mess into Masterpieces

Nice work from King James for Plascon. They commissioned artist Jarryd Kin to paint a portrait of Kate and William’s royal wedding kiss made out of mayo, jam, ketchup and flour on Plascon’s new stain resistance Double Velvet paint, then… Continue Reading