Volvo creates a spray paint for cyclists that shines in the dark

Volvo Cars has created LifePaint, a reflective spray-on paint for cyclists that is invisible during the day, but that shines bright under the glare of car headlights. Have a look at the video below to see it in action. You… Continue Reading

Food poster converts taste to sound

Interesting experiment by Herb & Spice brand Schwartz, they brought taste to life using sound and touch.Illustrator Billie Jean created a visual articulation of what taste might look like. Each herb and spice depicted in the artwork was then assigned… Continue Reading

The Sunday Times: Icons

This impressive ad recreates six iconic images in one uninterrupted 50 sec ad. The clip was shot for the UK’s Sunday Times Culture magazine.  The ad was shot by Grey London.

Canon: Inspired

Recently the below ad by Canon and Grey New York won an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial at 65th Annual Creative Arts Emmys. The ad beat out BBH’s Google Chrome “Jess Time” and CP+B’s Grey Poupon “The Chase.”

ANAR Foundation: Only For Children

Brilliant work for the ANAR Foundation who handle the main child abuse helpline in Spain. The work uses lenticular printing to show 2 message on a street sign billboard, one aimed at adults (generally taller), and a second hidden message… Continue Reading

Seat: The SEAT Taxi Fare

Wonderful experiential work from Grey advertising. To help promote Seats brake energy recovery system they created Taxi’s meters that were rigged to save money on your fare every time the taxi braked. Watch peoples reaction in the clip above.

The Lost Choir: Mad World

International Children’s Day was on November, 20th. Every three seconds the world loses a child. The above thought provoking video was created by Grey Düsseldorf and the Wuppertaler Kurrende boy’s choir, for the International Children’s Fund. To help out and… Continue Reading

Febreze: Live Commercial

After a series of ads showing blindfolded people thinking that dirty rooms where fresh scented paradises, some viewers simply didn’t believe the Febreze Breathe Happy commercials were completely real. With this in mind Grey New York set up real people… Continue Reading

EMDA Alzheimer Association: Wrong Movie

Great simple idea from ad agency: ACW Grey, Israel for the EMDA Israeli Alzheimer Association. To highlight Alzheimer’s awareness week they confused 1000’s of movie goers by switching the movies they were expecting to see with another one. After a… Continue Reading

Vinnie Jones: Hard and Fast CPR

Wonderful campaign from the end of last year from Grey, London for the British heart Foundation. Have a watch and learn how to help save a life. Hat Tip: Copyranter