Google use cute friendly animals for new Android ad

Get ready to see a tiger, a bear, an elephant,  dogs, cats and many more animals all getting along just fine. To launch their new Android “Be Together. Not the Same.” campaign, Google have used the power of cute animals. The… Continue Reading

Google and Facebook share their 2014 year in review videos

It’s that time of year again when things start to draw to a close, and Google & Facebook have released their 2014 year in review videos. Last month was the first time Facebook video were watched more than YouTube videos… Continue Reading

Google wants us to ask more questions

This ad wont win a tonne of awards, but if you’re a bit of a geek you will enjoy this.The ad is from Google and features the Rubik’s Cube Hungarian inventor, Ernő Rubik. Erno talks about the importance of cultivating… Continue Reading

Street View shows you the world underwater

Climate change company, CarbonStory, has created an Interactive website that combines Google Street View and WebGL to show what anywhere in the world would look like underwater. The campaign aims to raise awareness about rising CO2 emissions and their contribution… Continue Reading

Google Street View allows viewers to go back in time

Last week I was lucky enough to be brainstorming ideas with a top chap from Google Street View and some of our Ogilvy team. One of the ideas was to create a way of allowing people to look back at… Continue Reading

Manchester United Google+ Front Row Story

On March 16th for the first time ever Manchester United and Google+ teamed up and brought 22 fans from around the world into Old Trafford, live through Hangouts.The fans were from South Africa, Ethiopia, Mexico, Malaysia, USA and Namibia.Unfortunately what… Continue Reading

Google Zeitgeist: A year in review 2013

Each year Google release their year in review video, sharing what we searched for during the past year. Normally these are pretty upbeat, this year it seems pretty sombre though, am sure the world will be back to greatness next… Continue Reading

UN Women: The Google Autocomplete Truth

Below is the follow up in a series of ads, developed as a creative idea for UN Women by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai. The ad campaign uses genuine Google searches to reveal the widespread prevalence of sexism and discrimination… Continue Reading

Ogilvy Adspiration V15

Hello there,  Below is a weekly email I make up that goes out to Ogilvy and friends, hope you like it. You can read this week adspiration on Flipboard with bonus content at: Interesting stuff / news Why Creativity… Continue Reading