Beneful Dog Food: Subway Virtual Fetch

Beneful dog food and their agency Fallon, have started to install interactive installations that will be rolled across 5 locations. The New York installation uses a 64-foot long digital board at the Columbus Circle subway station. Once a person is… Continue Reading

Skoda Fabia vRS: Made of Meaner Stuff

Fallon, London have given the new Skoda Fabia vRS commercial a nice bad boy make over. Who wouldn’t want to buy a car with alloy wheels made of samurai swords, with a barbed wire radiator grill, and that’s powered by a psychotic snake filled engine.

Beyoncé: flash mob dace in London

Another day another flash mob, only this time with little subtlety. 100 sexy girl dancers came together for a flash dance performance of the hit Beyoncé song “Single Ladies” in the middle of Piccadilly Circus in London. This was done… Continue Reading

Sony: Bravia-drome ad

Just found this Jem of work from Fallon UK for Sony’s new Bravia 200hz Motionflow technology. Basically large LCD screens are normally not great at showing sports games or anything with fast motion as they can’t refresh the screen image… Continue Reading