Virtual dogs follow potential new owners around mall

Shoppers who took a leaflet from Battersea Dogs Home volunteers had a surprise at Westfield shopping mall. Every leaflet had an RFID tag embedded, so virtual homeless dogs followed the shoppers around the mall appearing in all the digital billboards… Continue Reading

Design Indaba 2015 Day 1 Overview

It’s that time of year again, suddenly you realise it’s almost the end of February and wonder how you got here so fast, it’s also time for the annual Design Indaba. The Design Indaba is one of the world’s best… Continue Reading

New Oscar ads capture the small moments

Ad Agency 180LA has come up with a series of wonderful ads for the Oscars. Each one captures a unique brief moment, whether it’s the moment people realise they’ve won, their final thank you, or just holding the Oscar for the… Continue Reading

Best Super Bowl 2015 ads

This year is Super Bowl XLIX and now a 30sec TV ad sells for $4.5m. Below are the highlights of the 2015 Super Bowl ads. The game saw last years winners, the Seattle Seahawks, go up against the New England Patriots and lose… Continue Reading

Watch a real truck jump over a speeding F1 car

EMC break a world record by jumping a real truck 83 feet, over a speeding Formula 1 Lotus car. At first I thought this was a fake….but it’s not, is pretty impressive. If you are wondering who EMC is, they… Continue Reading

Ken Block drives like a mad man in LA for Gymkhana Seven

Ken Block is at it again, this time driving a one off 845bhp, all wheel drive, Ford Mustang insanely fast and burning rubber all over the city of Los Angeles. This is the seventh in a series of Ken Block… Continue Reading

BBC music launches with a huge star studded Beach Boys song remake

BBC Music launched yesterday with an obscene variety of musical stars, all performing The Beach Boys’ masterpiece “God Only Knows”. The track took a year to put together, and features over 30 famous artists, such as Dave Grohl, Lorde, Pharrell… Continue Reading

Jerry Seinfeld Gives a hilarious anti-advertising speech at the Clio Awards

Jerry Seinfeld gave a hilarious speech on advertising at last weeks 55th Clio Awards in New York. Some of the highlights included “I love advertising because I love lying,” and “Spending your life trying to dupe innocent people out of… Continue Reading

Blind folded stunt driver puts life in the hands of a Hyundai

To show off Hyundai’s new Auto Braking, lane keeping assist, and distance cruise control system they blindfolded a stunt driver and carried out a do or die test.Watch the video below to see how it turned out.The ad was put… Continue Reading

Australia comes up with the worlds first best ever advertising idea

Fantastic ad put together with the help of Australia’s top creative people and Cummins & Partners for the Creative Fuel conference in Sydney. Every so often, an idea comes along that is a real game changer. That shifts paradigms. That… Continue Reading