Whiskas create Instagram for your cat

Whiskas and their agency Clemenger BBDO, Sydney have created a wearable device for cats that posts pictures of their adventures. The device is collar worn camera that’s activated by motion and takes 6 pictures a minute, the owner can then browse the pictures… Continue Reading

New Volkswagen up! Takes you places

Last weekend Volkswagen kindly lent me their New Volkswagen up!, (see pic above) to drive around Cape Town. It’s their new small city car that’s rather affordable (in South Africa you can buy one for less than R135K). I drove the… Continue Reading

Ikea salutes everyday heroes

IKEA have created a wonderful ad to celebrate our household everyday heroes. The ad features a stirring voice over performance from Terence Stamp, and IKEA have also created a twitter account to go with the campaign at http://twitter.com/EverydayHero365. Work by Forsman & Bodenfors.

New Tinder Plus ad shares sex, love, and travel

Tinder recently launched Tinder Plus, a paid service that allows you to undo swipes, and use a “Passport” feature that allows you to check out people in the places you are traveling to. The ad was made by Tinder and MagnaCarta.tv.… Continue Reading

Audi Get Kinky In An Elevator For 50 Shades of Grey

Audi and SNL’s Vanessa Bayer channel some very witty fake elevator scenes for a Fifty Shades of Grey promo. The work was done by Venables Bell & Partners. Enjoy the entertainment.

Google use cute friendly animals for new Android ad

Get ready to see a tiger, a bear, an elephant,  dogs, cats and many more animals all getting along just fine. To launch their new Android “Be Together. Not the Same.” campaign, Google have used the power of cute animals. The… Continue Reading

Best Super Bowl 2015 ads

This year is Super Bowl XLIX and now a 30sec TV ad sells for $4.5m. Below are the highlights of the 2015 Super Bowl ads. The game saw last years winners, the Seattle Seahawks, go up against the New England Patriots and lose… Continue Reading

Find out why there are no more Unicorns in the world

French TV channel Canal+ has decided to share why there are no more Unicorns in the world….it all goes back to Noah and his Ark. Enjoy the ad, it’s a nice and short fun story, by ad agency BETC, Paris.

Watch a man in high heels twerk for MoneySuperMarket

UK insurance firm MoneySuperMarket.com has launched another hilarious ad featuring a chap with a large bottom, tight short shorts, and high heels, twerking to“Don’t cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. The ad also feature Sharon Osbourn to top it off. Another great… Continue Reading

Newcastle Brown Ale invites small brands to share a Super Bowl ad

Newcastle Brown Ale wants to split the tab on a Super Bowl ad with other brands. The campaign features actress Aubrey Plaza, and asks small brands across the USA to chip in an buy a Super Bowl ad with them. To… Continue Reading