5 Lessons from ad Festivals Around the World

Creativity and innovation, it’s a love story as old as humanity itself. We tend to talk about this topic a lot in ad land but I think we often get going without first stopping to define the difference between the… Continue Reading

Otherwise Engaged – A Short Film on Social Media Obsession

Am lucky enough to be at a wedding in the South of France this week, and one of the people I had the pleasure to meet yesterday was film director Alicia MacDonald. Alicia just created a wonderful short film mocking our obsession with… Continue Reading

Wisdom from a living legend of advertising, Keith Reinhard

Sorry for the quietness, I have been at the Cannes Lions festival of creativity, it’s the largest global festival of creativity and all the who’s who of advertising are here..as well as all the big tech companies. But by far the… Continue Reading

Volkswagen create a bus that tells you when you’re driving too close

Volkswagen created a bus that smartly told people when they were driving too close to the back. The interactive ad was made to show off VW’s adaptive cruise control system (ACC) system, a system that automatically keeps a safe distance from… Continue Reading

Instagram hack teaches Mexicans English

A foreign language school in Mexico made an Instagram hack to help teach people English. Using the picture tags and video functionality they created accounts that could teach people English words as well as how to pronounce them. The clever… Continue Reading

Adopt a dog project by Pedigree gets ex-convicts lives back on track

This short story shows how two ex-convicts adopted dogs and got their lives back on track. To show how a dog can change your life Pedigree created the First Days Out project. The programme has found that the adopted pets end up… Continue Reading

New Lifebuoy gadget eliminates bacteria from shopping trolleys

Antibacterial soap company Lifebuoy have created a gadget to eliminate the dangers of bacteria found on supermarket shopping trolleys. A refillable disk attaches to the trolley handle bar and can be swiped along it to apply a thin layer of sanitiser liquid, killing 99.9% of bacteria, making… Continue Reading

Amazon creates a physical button that makes sure you never run out of essentials

Amazon has just launched a cheap and small physical device that allows you to one click order your favourite household goods. The device is called the Dash Button, it’s an internet of things type device that pairs to your phone and Amazon prime… Continue Reading

A boy discovers he has remarkable powers

This ad for ACADOMIA is beautifully shot and features a smart twist at the end. Find out his super power by watching the clip below. Great work from Les Gaulois, France

Scroll through the story of the killing of Jesus

If you are interested in Jesus you will be glad to know the National Geographic has just created a rather great scrollable website showing the story of his death from different perspectives. The scrollable story site is part of a promo… Continue Reading