Sport England Celebrates Real Women

Sport England earlier in the year launched an impressive campaign celebrating active women, no matter how well they train, or how they look. The work is not too dissimilar at heart to the Dove campaign for real beauty. It’s beautifully shot,… Continue Reading

The world’s first news priting disposable paper towel machine

Free Mexican online news site Mas Por Mas has created a dispensable paper towel machine that prints the latest news on the paper towels. The machines were put around office complex bathrooms, and peoples reactions were filmed. The work is… Continue Reading

English students learn by chatting to elderly Americans

Brazilian language school CNA, has created a custom video chat service that allows it’s students learning English to practice by chatting to the elderly in the USA.The video chats help the students speak English more naturally, and as an added… Continue Reading

Nivea creates a magazine ad that helps protect your child

I’m not yet a parent but I imagine at beaches kids can have a tendency to wonder off. Nivea Sun and FCB Brazil have created a print ad that contains a bracelet with a RFID tag Bluetooth chip* that can be… Continue Reading

UTEC creates an air-purifying billboard

Peruvian engineering university UTEC have created a billboard that cleans the air with the equivalent air purifying power of 1200 trees.The project is a follow up to last years Cannes Lion Gold winning billboard that turned air humidity into drinking… Continue Reading

Joburg Zoo: Tweeting Badger

Clever campaign from Hello Computer for the Joburg Zoo. Together they have created the worlds first live tweeting badger, who goes by the name of BG. Instead of hiring a social media person to run the zoo’s twitter account, they… Continue Reading

UHAC: The eye test that wasn’t

Great street ad from DraftFCB, Toronto. To get more people to get their hearing tested they created the above free eye test outdoor ad. When people read the small print they were alerted to the fact a speaker was playing… Continue Reading

Kmart: Ship My Pants

The above ad for Kmart made by DraftFCB is closing fast to having almost 10m views in less than 5 days. The ad is pretty simple and highlights that Kmart can ship items not found in store straight to your… Continue Reading

Tamanna: September Christmas

Heart-warming work for Tamanna, a Lebanese non profit that grants the wishes of critically ill children. Together with Horizon Draftfcb they granted an extra special wish for an 8 year old called Carmen who suffers from Cancer. Carmen really wanted… Continue Reading

UTEC: Drinking water billboard

Brilliant work, Mayo Draft FCB and UTEC in Lima have created the first billboard that produces drinking water from the air. The billboard soaks up humidity from the air, then filters it through reverse osmosis, then stores the water for… Continue Reading