Hovis: Farmers Race

Wonderful work from Dare, London, for Hovis Bread. The farmers have a bit of a tough run but love the traditional English tea break on the way!

Sony Ericsson: X10 Product Testing Institute

To help market the new X10 Sony Ericsson android phone in the USA, Dare, New York, filmed 5 YouTube clips looking at fun mock focus group testing. The X10 was tested by Models, Guidos, Surfers, Glam Rockers, and Toddlers (as… Continue Reading

Sony: Bravia-drome ad

Just found this Jem of work from Fallon UK for Sony’s new Bravia 200hz Motionflow technology. Basically large LCD screens are normally not great at showing sports games or anything with fast motion as they can’t refresh the screen image… Continue Reading