Volkswagen create a bus that tells you when you’re driving too close

Volkswagen created a bus that smartly told people when they were driving too close to the back. The interactive ad was made to show off VW’s adaptive cruise control system (ACC) system, a system that automatically keeps a safe distance from… Continue Reading

JCDecaux stalk clients by putting them on billboards

Outdoor ad firm JCDecaux showed the power of their billboards by simply putting pictures of a few select clients on them. Obviously they instantly noticed and started calling in asking why they were on a billboard. The reaction proved the… Continue Reading

Snickers finds city design #fails and shames them with stickers

Snickers put up temporary stickers across New York where there were design fails, the stickers simply read “You make mistakes when you’re hungry. #HungryMistakes”. The simple ads were made by BBDO New York and seeded as a fun online campaign.… Continue Reading

Adopt a dog project by Pedigree gets ex-convicts lives back on track

This short story shows how two ex-convicts adopted dogs and got their lives back on track. To show how a dog can change your life Pedigree created the First Days Out project. The programme has found that the adopted pets end up… Continue Reading

Manny Pacquiao stars in an ad, in an ad, thats in an ad

Foot locker gets boxer Manny Pacquiao to star in an ad, that is in an ad, that is in another ad. The brand uses one of their old Foot locker ads in the commercial that plays on the five or so year… Continue Reading

Whiskas create Instagram for your cat

Whiskas and their agency Clemenger BBDO, Sydney have created a wearable device for cats that posts pictures of their adventures. The device is collar worn camera that’s activated by motion and takes 6 pictures a minute, the owner can then browse the pictures… Continue Reading

The best ads from 2014

What better way to start 2015, than by looking back at some of the best ads from 2014. Below are my picks, in no particular order. More than anything each of these ads I believe will make you feel something..… Continue Reading

Sainsbury’s make love not war in their epic Christmas ad

Sainsbury’s in partnership with the Royal British Legion have created a brilliant Christmas ad telling the story of the famous 1914 WW1 Christmas truce. They make the details as authentic as possible, they based it on original reports and letters… Continue Reading

Guinness tells four inspirational rugby stories

Guinness has created a series of inspirational rugby true stories from the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh rugby teams history. Each one is under a minute, if you remotely like rugby am pretty sure you will like these. Have added… Continue Reading

Mr Bean stars in new Snickers ad

In the latest Snickers ad they have enlisted the help of Mr Bean to demonstrates that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Below is the main spot and 2 additional ads also featuring Bean. Enjoy the entertainment. Work by AMV… Continue Reading