Devassa beer: Paris Hilton

Nice little new number featuring Paris Hilton, this time she is strutting her stuff for a Brazilian beer brand called Devassa. The ad was done by Agencia Mood, and so far the above clip has received no less than 3… Continue Reading

Wonderbra: Best of Wonderbra print ads

         After seeing a recent post on AdPunch on Wonderbra’s great creative advertising, I thought I would pick out some out some of the best that I have seen over the years. Just click on any of the pictures… Continue Reading

Streets: Golden Gaytime

Love this little micro site for an Australian ice cream lolly pop called “Golden Gaytime”. Although there is little info given to the ice cream itself, the site is good fun and can teach you a thing or two about… Continue Reading

Radiotjänst: “Hero” viral (Brief Case Study)

The above campaign was one of the most successful online virals from last year for Radiotjänst (Sweden’s TV licensing body). Personally I was sent it about 25 times from various friends from around the globe. The campaign attracted over 14… Continue Reading

Kulula: Trev does travel blog

Kulula has been hard at work lately, not content with making the world laugh with their fun new aircraft paint schemes, they have now launched a hilarious travel blog called “Trev does travel” complete with a dedicated travel blogger named… Continue Reading

Molson Canadian – Made from Canada

If you’re Canadian then you will probably like this, if you’re not then take in the overkill on the Canadian love given in this new ad for Molson Canadian beer. The spot is part of a rebrand for Molson Canadian… Continue Reading

Guinness: Football Scout

If you like football or Guinness this will probably be right up your alley. Its a new ad for Guinness by Saatchi & Saatchi and Velocity films, Cape Town. The spot features a football scout prowling Africa for local talent and… Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson: Xperia X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro Touch Phones

Probably the most anticipated phone from Sony Ericsson for years has been the new Xperia X10, and now it has a baby brother and sister in the form of the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. The only differences between… Continue Reading

Sprite: Drake

Love the effects work for this new spot from Sprite by BBH NYC. The spot features Canadian rapper Drake in a studio trying to get his groove on. Surprisingly when he takes a sip of Sprite, not only does he… Continue Reading

kulula: “Flying 101” official press release

Last week a post I did on Kulula’s new aircraft livery caused a traffic jam on my site after being linked to by BoingBoing (one of the world most popular blogs). Luckily I happen to know Kulula’s fantastic advertising &… Continue Reading