TomTom: Top Gear Live South Africa

   Oh my word, If you have even the slightest interest in cars and have any sense of humour don’t miss the Top Gear Live world tour. Last night I was invited to the Launch of the event in Cape… Continue Reading

Maple Leaf: The Republic of Bacon

If you’re very Jewish, now might be a good time to stop reading, as this post is all about the wonderment of Bacon, possibly man’s greatest discovery and a sure cure for next day hangovers worldwide. The above video is… Continue Reading

Apple: New iPad specs, pictures and video

Apple just released all the details of their new tablet computer called the iPad. The short of it is its a 9.7 inch LED multi-touch screen computer, great for browsing, email, photos, video, music, games and eBooks. The iPad can… Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson: Aino Touch Phone Review

         Sony Ericsson very kindly lent me their new Entertainment Unlimited branded phone called the Aino over the festive season and so I thought I would finally share with you my thoughts on it. To make things simple I have… Continue Reading

Bud Light: Clothing Drive ad

Another fantastic commercial for Bud Light by DDB. This one is the follow up to the extremely successful swear Jar spot they made for Bud Light two years ago. This time the office is on a donate clothing drive and… Continue Reading

John Nolan Films: Nolan’s Cheddar

Several people have recently sent me the above very popular YouTube clip that looks like an ad for Nolan’s Cheddar but its the Show work of a UK animatronics professional called John Nolan. John has done work for several films… Continue Reading

Save The Date: Jeff and Erin’s wedding trailer

A crazy in love couple called Jeff and Erin may have just created the best “Save the Date” viral video I have ever seen and it’s becoming a huge hit on YouTube. The Couple who recently got engaged produced the… Continue Reading

Adidas Originals: Star Wars collection

Adidas originals (the select clothing section of Adidas) have just released a line of Star Wars branded items. To launch the new line they first created a online app that puts you inside the death star and lets to vaporise… Continue Reading

Shreddies: Ding Dong Nanas

Lovely short spot for Shreddies UK featuring the return of the cereal knitting Nanas’. The above ad has been made to help launch a new scrumptious recipe. The ad also features a rather charming fellow in a convertible that likes… Continue Reading

Axe Detailer: Ball washer

Axe and the wonderful people at BBH are at it again, this time showing men of the world that cleaning your balls can be fun and easily accomplished using the new Axe Detailer shower scrub.The spot features Jaime Pressly and… Continue Reading