Flygbussarna (Swedish Airport Coaches): 50 cars or 1 bus

One thing I love finding is good case study videos from successful campaigns and this one is a bit of a gem. Swedish Airport bus firm Flygbussama wanted to promote and increase buss travel to Sweden’s largest airport: Stockholm-Arlanda. They… Continue Reading

Mercedes Benz ad for Attention Assist

Haven’t managed to see much stunning stuff out in the last few days but this little beauty did catch my attention. Is a great ad for the new Mercedes Attention Assist technology now available for the new E-class. The Merc… Continue Reading

New Bruno Cinema Trailer

One of the few films I cant wait to see this year is the upcoming Bruno film and you have to love the above trailer. (YouTube keeps banning the videos, if you can’t view it click here) Sacha Baron Cohen… Continue Reading

Beyoncé: flash mob dace in London

Another day another flash mob, only this time with little subtlety. 100 sexy girl dancers came together for a flash dance performance of the hit Beyoncé song “Single Ladies” in the middle of Piccadilly Circus in London. This was done… Continue Reading

K-Y Intense: Silence

Hilarious work from Mother in New York for a new Johnson & Johnson product called K-Y Intense, designed to enhance female arousal. Nuff said, enjoy.

Philips: Carousel

Fantastic promo video for Philips new Cinema 21:9 LCD TV panels. The film is directed by Adam Berg and made by Stink Digital. They created a great website to launch the product: The site hosts an exclusive fully interactive… Continue Reading

Sprint: Anthem ad

Hope everyone enjoyed the long Easter weekend break. To get you gently back into the swing of things for the week I found another great effort by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (they have a pretty great client list), this time… Continue Reading

Dr. Pepper: Nurse

Dr. Pepper ads have always ranked high in my mind, and this beauty is no exception. Great piece of work from Mother, London. Especially love it when the stunned chap gets hit in the head with the basketball. Great website… Continue Reading

Wilkinson Sword:- Mow the Lawn

Very cringe worthy and pretty brave ad for Wilkinson Sword from JWT, New York. Any ad bold enough to promote a bush, I mean “hair trimmer” that contains the words “All that’s left for me to see are tu-lips on… Continue Reading

VTM Antwerp Central Station Flash Mob

Following on from a post I did in January about the T-Mobile flash mobile just found this other great flash mob video from VTM at Antwerp Central train station in Belgium. Fabulous effort and all done to the theme from… Continue Reading