Nike: The Good Life ad

Have a look at this gem of a new ad for Nike golf from Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. The ad is designed to welcome back Tiger Woods to golf after an injury and some well earned rest. It shows the… Continue Reading

Sony: Bravia-drome ad

Just found this Jem of work from Fallon UK for Sony’s new Bravia 200hz Motionflow technology. Basically large LCD screens are normally not great at showing sports games or anything with fast motion as they can’t refresh the screen image… Continue Reading

Microsoft help to rock the CT 27 dinner

This Friday will see the return of the first Cape Town 27 Dinner for 2009 As opposed to the normal speaking routine we have a little treat in for attendees this month. Microsoft will be coming to the party and… Continue Reading

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter etc

The Basics Considering this is a service I have been using since 2007 I must start by saying I’m a little ashamed that I am only writing this now but I feel I must, as of recent a ton of… Continue Reading

Demetri Martin on Video resumes

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Youth Spotting – Video Resume Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things With Demetri Martin Funny Political News Joke of the Day Just found this classic clip from The Daily… Continue Reading

New Sony Ericsson Idou touch screen phone

**UPDATE: (01 June 09) NEW SONY ERICSSON TOUCH PHONES PICS AND REVIEWS** The Satio (used to be called the Idou) Details click here The Aino (touch with slider keyboard) Details click here I’m a huge Sony Ericsson fan, the first… Continue Reading

Mastercard: “Things we do for Love” valentines campaign

Just was mailed this very fun campaign from McCann Erickson London. As a promo for Mastercard they created a huge billboard ad with the copy “Hannah Davis please be my valentine” and then underneath “ The things we do for… Continue Reading

The Simpsons – New opening sequence

Since the Simpsons debuted on Fox on December 17, 1989 there has been over 430 episodes and each one has started with pretty much the same entry title made by David Silverman, Until now ! From Sunday the 15 Feb… Continue Reading

Classic Harry Enfield: Women, know your limits

Just saw this classic clip from the Harry Enfield show on Boing Boing. The above is one of the classic clips using the Mr Cholmondley-Warner character who produced some great spoof British public information films. The show was one of… Continue Reading

Cadbury: Here Today, Goo Tomorrow

Cadbury in the UK are at it again with a fab bit of interactive outdoor advertising for Cadbury’s cream eggs, courtesy of Saatchi & Saatchi London. The idea is to make the ad interactive and enjoyable (therefore memorable and viral)… Continue Reading