27 Dinner v6 goes down a Storm(hoek)

Last night saw in another great 27 dinner eve, complete with lots of Stormhoek social lubricant. For those few that don’t already know what the 27 dinners are about, its basically a social gathering of South Africa’s greatest entrepreneurial minds,… Continue Reading

Microsoft laptop touch panel

Hats off the chaps at Microsoft Research Cambridge branch and Steve Hodge. What he has come up with I hope will be the future of things to come. In the video above he uses a standard laptop with some retrofitted… Continue Reading

Stormhoek Inner circle bookclub

A while ago my girlfriend told me she was invited to join a book club, now I as a regular guy I thought this would involve reading a book every month and then commenting on it at a meeting once… Continue Reading

Stormhoek UK promo

Recently in the UK Stormhoek began stocking our Pinotage and Sauvignon blanc with the supermarket giants Tesco. For the next two weeks at select stores accross the UK the above wines will be available at £3.99 compared to the normal… Continue Reading

Bud light TV ad

Just had to post this bud light ad, it has to be one of the most hilarious ads I have seen for a very long time. The video comes from the Budweiser beer site www.bud.tv and the site is well… Continue Reading

Google Gears

If like me your a regular user of Google reader for your RSS feeds then good news is here. Google last week bought out something called Google Gears, which allows you to view your RSS feeds from blogs and the… Continue Reading