Stormhoek spreads Love

With the famous romantic time of Valentines day rapidly approaching, what better way to celebrate with your loved one (or drown your sorrows if your single!) than with a good bottle of wine. Stormhoek have been gearing up for a… Continue Reading

Microsoft Vista viral campaign

Just came across this great campaign from Microsoft aimed at promoting their new operating system, Windows Vista.As far as I can tell the aim is to produce a viral online campaign that makes Microsoft and Windows Vista look non threatening… Continue Reading

Heat ray gun

If unlike me, your not in a heat wave and feel like you could do with warming up, thank the lord for the US military and George Bush’s defense budget!! Forever on a quest for more fire power they have… Continue Reading

Petit Caveau

Last week I had the honour of being invited to the launch of a fantastic new concept by a South African Wine company called Signal Hill. Signal Hill is run by a great French chap called Jean-Vincent Ridon and is… Continue Reading

How not to promote a restaurant

Hello all, Just had to post a picture of this menu board I saw earlier getting my laundry.The restaurant is located on Kloof street here in Cape Town and must battle for business as the street is full of great… Continue Reading

Surprise !!

Hello all,Hope the new year has been proving successful.Recently I have been thinking of doing a few changes on the site so have been light on the posting side of things.One thing I have never been too happy with is… Continue Reading


The man that gave Apple the i, Steve Jobs has finally made the big announcement we have all been waiting for and released the iPhone.It looks stunning and has the following specs:- Screen size: 3.5 inches Screen resolution: 320 by… Continue Reading

Stormhoek UK news

The Following article is from the Stormhoek brethren in England. Its about the upcoming marketing campaign for the new bottle designs by the amazing Hugh McLeod:- As I’ve been mentioning for a while now, Stormhoek is launching a new series… Continue Reading

Microsoft Key note speech at CES

I have just finished watching Big Bill Gates’s key notes speech for upcoming product developments from Microsoft for this year and beyond, and it really got me exited. I’m a relatively non techie guy, (I know nothing about code etc)… Continue Reading