New McDonalds mobile game climbs to no1 in the app store

drop into Macca's
McDonalds in Australia has been doing a great job of making the brand more entertaining. Recently they released a game app called “Drop into Macca’s”. To help launch it they made the above pretty funny ad.
The game is ranked no1 in the Australian app store, and challenges you to Skydive into maccas, the more points you get, the more rewards you can claim like free burgers and even $1000 cash cards.
Try it out on Android, or iPhone.
Ad/App by 3RDSense and DDB.

Ken Block drives like a mad man in LA for Gymkhana Seven

ken block Gykmhana 7
Ken Block is at it again, this time driving a one off 845bhp, all wheel drive, Ford Mustang insanely fast and burning rubber all over the city of Los Angeles.
This is the seventh in a series of Ken Block Gymkhana videos, a series that is now the most watched car viral marketing stunt in the world. To make this work takes a lot of sponsors; Hoonigan, Ford, GoPro, Monster, and Need For Speed.

Wil Wheaton entertainingly punts Newcastle’s new Scotch Ale

Wil Wheaton Beer ad
Famous geek Wil Wheaton entertainingly punts Newcastle Brown Ale’s new beer, Newcastle Scotch Ale.
Scotch Ale is a collaboration between Newcastle, and its Edinburgh-based sister brewery Caledonian. This is just the start of beer collaborations, and no nonsense ads from Newcastle, so look forward to more entertainment from Wil soon. Agency Droga5.
p.s. Kills me that they used the Union Jack rather than the St George’s Cross flag to represent England.

Sainsbury’s make love not war in their epic Christmas ad

Sainsbury World War 1
Sainsbury’s in partnership with the Royal British Legion have created a brilliant Christmas ad telling the story of the famous 1914 WW1 Christmas truce.
They make the details as authentic as possible, they based it on original reports and letters from the time, and worked with historians throughout the process.
The chocolate bar featured in the ad is on sale now at Sainsbury’s. All profits (50p per bar) will go to The Royal British Legion and will benefit the UK’s armed forces and their families, past and present.
Well bloody done to AMV BBDO.
To watch a short film of the story behind the Christmas ad go to

Feeling Stressed? Try Kitten Therapy

Kitten Therapy
Stressed out people in Los Angeles were invited into a glass box equipped with a meditation playlist….and a bunch of kittens.
The Kitten therapy seems to have worked, watch the video below to see how it panned out.
Yet again cats rule the interwebs. The activation was put on for Purina Tidy Cats, by their agency SoulPancake.

Guinness tells four inspirational rugby stories

guinness rugby
Guinness has created a series of inspirational rugby true stories from the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh rugby teams history. Each one is under a minute, if you remotely like rugby am pretty sure you will like these. Have added the clips below as a playlist to save you time. Ad Agency: AMV BBDO, London

John Lewis wins Christmas with its new Penguin ad

John Lewis Penguin
John Lewis has released their new Christmas ad, and it’s another great one, this time featuring the heartwarming story of a penguin called Monty.
The campaign cost £1 million and was created by adam&eveDDB. It’s already got over 2.5million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.
As is becoming the norm with these campaigns it’s all encompassing, there are penguin teddy bears, a 3D interactive app, a book (with proceeds to Barnardo’s), and of course a single, ‘Real Love’ performed by Tom Odell.
Needless to say John Lewis will have a pretty good Christmas. To see all the parts of the campaign head to

Agency people around the world will relate to this parody ad

Union Family Reunion
Canadian ad agency Union has created a hilarious clip for their Employee Appreciation Day.
Ad agency people around the world will relate to this, I don’t want to ruin the surprise so just watch the below clip.

An Awards Show For Awards Show Case Study Videos

The Caseys
Ad Agency Rethink, has created an awards show for advertising awards entry case study videos.
Of course the awards are a fake but the clip is pretty spot on.
Fictional awards include; Best use of agency people posing as real people, Best Use of Making-Of Footage, Most Innovative Use of a Single Tweet, and of course Best Use of a British accent. Enjoy the parody ad below.

This Home Depot ad parody by John Oliver is fantastic

home depot ad
Last Week Tonight has created a wonderfully hilarious parody ad for Home Depot. The ad features Nick Offerman acting as a salesman who is helping / distracting a couple from having as series of near disastrous arguments. The ad was made in response to Lowes (another DIY store), who recently announced that they are trialling robot in store helpers.
Makes it all the better being grounded in a real human observation.