Jean-Claude Van Damme makes an ice bar from fly kicks and Judo chops

Jean Claude Van Damme Ice Bar
Jean-Claude Van Damme is back, and this time he’s kicking and punching together an Ice Bar for Coors Light. The above ad is a promo spot for a competition where you can win a trip to his Ice Bar in Austria and meet some huskies. If you are in the UK and get scared leaving the country you can also get invites to Ice Bar parties in London, and Manchester. See more at
Agency: VCCP (If the below video is taken down go to

Famous Ninja plays a real life game of Fruit Ninja

Real Life Fruit Ninja
Pillsbury brand Toaster Strudel has brought the popular Fruit Ninja game to life.
They enlisted the help of Guinness Book of World Records-holding swordsman Isao Machii (who once cut a tennis ball going 708kmph!) for the stunt in Los Angeles. People at the event could throw fruit at Isao and watch him masterfully slice it in mid air. The brand also sponsored in-app challenges and videos with flying fruit that will play after each completed mission. Players can then get rewarded with Toaster Strudel coupons.

Samsung challenge Apple, HTC, and Nokia to an Ice Bucket Challenge

Samsung ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Samsung hitched on to the ILS Ice Bucket Challenge to show off it’s waterproof Galaxy S5 smartphone and challenge the iPhone 5s, HTC One M8, and the Nokia Lumia 930 to also do the challenge. Personally feel it’s a little off to use a charitable cause to beat on your competitors but interesting little stunt anyway, and at over 2million views I hope they made a good donation.

New Zealand charity creates a YouTube fart generator

A New Zealand Charity has created a website that allows you to edit YouTube videos and add fart noises to them at opportune moments.  The site is simple to use and aims to raise awareness of .Bowl Cancer, you can test out the YouTube fart machine at
The ad was put together by Whybin\TBWA, Auckland. If you want an example I spend a few minutes crafting one using a bizarre new Ariel ad from Japan, have a look at

Saatchi & Saatchi create a film showcase that shares peoples moods via biometric wristbands

Saatchi new Directors Showcase
At this years Cannes Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors Showcase the audience of 2,300 people were given biometric, sensory wristbands. The bands captured their emotional response to the films as they watched the Showcase and glowed different colours to match their mood. The data was captured in real time and displayed at the event to give the viewers a more immersive experience. You can watch the showcase at

A transport app that lets you donate spare change and help others

NFC Bus Card
T-Money is a NFC card used to pay for transport in Korea. They created a smart way to give back and help others, while at the same time helping people who don’t have enough change for their ride. In exchange for downloading an app and donating  their spare change people get to still take a ride, and then the full amount is deducted later when they next top up their card. The spare change gets donated for transportation for kids in Africa.
Idea by SIMMANI, Korea.

Mercedes use science experiments to show off new car features

Mercedes C-Class Experiments
Mercedes have created a series of simple yet clever science experiments to help explain the benefits of some of the features found in their new C-Class.  The features cover cornering assist, AIRMATIC suspension, the gesture based entertainment system, and the new Burmester® sound system. Love the crude, raw, execution, plus love science so may be a little biased here.
The 4 ads are below. Work by BBDO/Proximity Singapore

The world’s first football pitch made out of shade

The Swedish Cancer Society, Cancerfonden, recently developed The world’s first soccer pitch made out of shade. Basically it’s a covered football pitch that allows sunbeams from 11am to 3 pm, when the sun is strongest. The campaign is aimed to raise awareness about the danger of melanoma. Smart work.