World famous light artist makes unique art with Infiniti cars

Infiniti Light Art
World famous light artist Patrick Rochon transformed three Infiniti cars in Dubai into moving light painting brushes to create giant colourful images.
Supposedly this is the world’s first Light Painting featuring cars, to see the images, visit
Work by TBWA RAAD, Dubai

Google and Facebook share their 2014 year in review videos

Google year in search 2014
It’s that time of year again when things start to draw to a close, and Google & Facebook have released their 2014 year in review videos.
Last month was the first time Facebook video were watched more than YouTube videos on Facebook….is going to be interesting to see the plays they make in that space.
To see the full Google year in search head to and to see Facebook’s go to
Enjoy the look back in the clips below.

2014 Year in Review from Facebook on Vimeo.

Advertising for Startups

One of the things I do for Ogilvy is help mentor startups, and share some of the lessons learned in advertising.
A while ago I was kindly asked to do a talk on advertising to a group of education startups from across Africa for the Pearson Catalyst for Education team in Cape Town.
Below is the talk I shared with them, if you want to learn more feel free to get in touch.

Watch a real truck jump over a speeding F1 car

Lotus F1 Truck Jump
EMC break a world record by jumping a real truck 83 feet, over a speeding Formula 1 Lotus car.
At first I thought this was a fake….but it’s not, is pretty impressive.
If you are wondering who EMC is, they are  a data computing company that sponsors the Lotus  F1 team.
To see more have a look at the behind-the-scenes video.

Facebook create a series of Wes Anderson style “How To” videos

Facebook How To videos
have created a series of really charming and well shot “How To” videos.
The videos currently cover 4 common facebook tasks that are handy to know, namely, How To Block Someone, How To Untag a Photo, How To Share With Just Friends, and How To Edit a Post.
Watch them all below. Am not sure if there are more of these coming out but hope there are.

The Voice YouTube pre-roll ad singing contest

The Voice Skip Ad Festival
Really smart work to promote The Voice singing contest in Brazil using YouTube pre-roll ads.
They got musicians to play in the pre-roll ads, if you didn’t skip the ad after 5 seconds the singers won and got to play on, if you skipped the ad they  failed.
Clever way to get people to feel like they are judges and more involved with the show.
Work by Publicis Brasil

The Harvey Nichols ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas card

Harvey Nichols' Christmas 2014 ad
Harvey Nics
is following on from last years multiple award winning campaign, with the Harvey Nichols ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas card.
If you’re fed up of receiving novelty Christmas onesies from Aunty Jo, then the ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas card is the best way to make sure you get exactly what you want.
You can design your own personalised card, and drop your loved ones the ultimate hint at
Work by adam&eveDDB

DStv ad shows the real Africa

DStv This is Africa
 has created a brilliantly shot campaign (+ great music) to help inspire young africans about Africa, and help correct some of the negative preconceptions about the continent.
The ad uses the line “This is Africa. Not how they see it, but how we know it”. You can read up more from behind the scenes at
Work by our Ogilvy  Johannesburg office.

Durex make worlds first synchronised dual screen ad

Durex Explore
Durex has gotten into the mail order sex toy business, and has created a phone/tablet friendly 2nd screen ad.
If you download the Durex Explore  iTunes or Google Play app, you will be able to see alternative views of what’s going on behind closed doors in the ad.
The app also enables you to purchase Durex products on the spot.
Nice work by Havas Worldwide, would worry the hassle ask of people to do this doesn’t quite live up to the reward of downloading the app though….but am sure this sort of thing will get better with time.

Sony shares the journey of film script to screen

Sony Script to Screen
Sony and W+K Portland have created a short ad showing the journey of a film script concept to screen.
The ad helps share that Sony helps create great films at every step in the journey, so if you’re in the mark for a new TV why not try Sony!
So simple but really like it, especially the music.