An annual report that’s worth getting

Paint roller annual report
Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer run company that builds affordable housing,  have created an annual report that demonstrates how easy it is to get involved and lend a hand.
I love these kind of simple ideas, they sent out their annual report on paint rollers, to read it people had to roll out the report. The report encouraged the reader to take the paint roller in their hands and come help out.
Brilliant work by Trampoline.

Fiat creates an interactive parking billboard

Parking Billboard
Fiat in Germany created an interactive video billboard that helped people park in order to highlight their park assist technology.
The billboard was hooked up to sensors that controlled the video parking instructions being displayed.
You can tell Cannes Lions is around the corner, the sensors were stuck onto the cars (not really practical / legal in real life), plus the cost to scale this would be ridiculous….however it’s always nice to see brands testing new creative innovations out, maybe it will lead to something in the future.
Work by Leo Burnett, Germany.

Costa Rican Beer brand creates a billboard with an erection

Parrillera Pilsner billboard Parrillera Pilsner
Costa Rican beer brand Republica Parrillera Pilsen has created a billboard that from behind looks like a giant erect penis.
On the front is a barbecue fork stuck in a large sausage, but from behind it looks very different.
It’s not yet known if this was done on purpose but it’s getting huge global attention… you know the first rule of advertising is to get noticed.

images via Reddit/Imgur

This billboard makes you yawn then gives you free coffee

The Contagious Billboard
Brazilian coffee company Café Pelé (yes, named after the footballer), has created a billboard that makes you yawn, and then gives you free coffee.
The billboard was put up in the São Paulo Metro with tracking hardware, the more people near the billboard the more it yawned and the more free coffee they gave out.
Work by Lew’Lara\TBWA, Brazil.

This pizza box turns into a projector

projector pizza box
Pizza Hut
 in Hong Kong created four differently designed pizza boxes that turned into a projector.
The boxes each contained a lense, a cut out for you to place the lense, a shortcode for a free movie and a place for your phone.
When you placed the phone behind the lense and turned up the phone brightness the box turned into a basic movie projector.
A pizza and a movie…great work by Ogilvy Hong Kong.

Pizza Hut ‘Blockbuster Box’ from reed on Vimeo.

Volkswagen create a bus that tells you when you’re driving too close

vw distance control ad
Volkswagen created a bus that smartly told people when they were driving too close to the back.
The interactive ad was made to show off VW’s adaptive cruise control system (ACC) system, a system that automatically keeps a safe distance from the car in front.
The Interactive Volkswagen Bus Back Billboards were installed on bus routes that passed VW dealerships.
Smart work by AlmapBBDO, Brazil.

JCDecaux stalk clients by putting them on billboards

JCDecaux Personal billboards
Outdoor ad firm JCDecaux showed the power of their billboards by simply putting pictures of a few select clients on them.
Obviously they instantly noticed and started calling in asking why they were on a billboard. The reaction proved the effectiveness of a well designed outdoor campaign, and gave JCDecaux an interesting reason to meet up and talk about their offering.
Simple and smart/ballsy idea by BBDO Belgium.

Honda beautifully craft the feeling of driving a new Civic

Honda Civic Feeling
Honda has made a ad that shows the feeling they craft into the new Civic.
I love the idea of the perfect drive being carefully crafted, it beautifully shows the experience you can get with a joyful drive.
Wonderful work as always from Wieden+Kennedy.

Snickers finds city design #fails and shames them with stickers

Snickers entry exit
Snickers put up temporary stickers across New York where there were design fails, the stickers simply read “You make mistakes when you’re hungry. #HungryMistakes”.
The simple ads were made by BBDO New York and seeded as a fun online campaign. Enjoy.
snickers Doorsnickers bike snickers Wall snickers Floor

Instagram hack teaches Mexicans English

A foreign language school in Mexico made an Instagram hack to help teach people English.
Using the picture tags and video functionality they created accounts that could teach people English words as well as how to pronounce them.
The clever work was created by ad Agency Anónimo for the Interlingua English School in Mexico