Wonderbra: DECODER

Fantastic new campaign for Wonderbra by DIGITAS Paris, men of the world rejoice (and women of the world get some bra tips). Just download the mobile app to try it out (iPhone or Google play) and decode the new campaign… Continue Reading

Wonderbra: Bungee Jump

If you’re a chap and have ever fantasised about diving into an ample cleavage, this may interest you. Ad agency Direct, London, recently created the above installation featuring a super large projection of a Wonderbra model, and then put up… Continue Reading

Wonderbra: Trampoline Fitting Room

Wonderful execution by Wonderbra to show the benefits of their new Perfect strapless bra’s. Not sure how long this clip will stay up due the very slight NSFW content. Hat Tip: ibelieveinadv.com

Wonderbra: Best of Wonderbra print ads

         After seeing a recent post on AdPunch on Wonderbra’s great creative advertising, I thought I would pick out some out some of the best that I have seen over the years. Just click on any of the pictures… Continue Reading